Remembering the Katrina lies

Just a quick note to guide you over to American Thinker today. Lance Fairchok writes Big Lies in the Big Easy: The Ghosts of Hurricane Katrina. It’s a good read and a reminder as to how Democrats – when backed against a wall – immediately target the blame elsewhere.

An excerpt…

Within hours of the disaster, when the full impact of city and state dereliction of duty became clear, the state political machine realized it needed to shift blame. In the best traditions of entrenched Democrat administrations, New Orleans Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco had placed partisan political considerations above the welfare of the people and the nation. 24 hours prior to Katrina smashing into the Gulf Coast, Mayor Nagin had not issued mandatory evacuation orders. 12 hours prior to Katrina hitting, Governor Blanco had not mobilized the Louisiana National Guard nor accepted federal aid, deferring vital decisions, even after President Bush pleaded with her. She was concerned first with the political ramifications of federal aid from a Republican administration.

And remember, cash that was provided to the state and city to fix infrastructure – including the levees that failed – was routed to other projects.

The levees were their perpetual cash cow, where museums, gambling boats and marinas were built with funds earmarked for flood control, squandered for temporary and petty gain.

Nice huh? The amount of federal cash that has flooded into this area – unchecked – is a disgrace.

A catastrophe so large it dwarfed all previous in numbers of people affected and most of these people had prepared for it not one iota. They assumed others would care for them, expected it, demanded it and were hostile when it was not fast enough to suit them. It was the ugly manifestation of a corrupt entitlement society, the reality of a crime ridden welfare city run by cronyism and leftist politicians howling that the rest of America “owes us” and is “keeping us down” while they were guilty of corruption on a scale that swallowed millions of tax dollars every year. Billions in Katrina aid have disappeared down so many rat holes; we may never know how much has been stolen, from individual fraud to inflated city and state projects, kickbacks and contract abuses.

Read the full article – Fairchok holds back nothing.

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