Redistributing GPAs – You really don’t need a 4.0 do you?

College Republicans at the University of California Merced pulled out the video camera for a redistribution experiment. Organizers asked students with “excessive” GPAs to give up a portion of their own GPA to students having a tough time meeting graduation requirements. Guess how many were willing to help out?

The video speaks for itself and is a good example of illustrating absurdity by suggesting absurd ideas. Maybe this experiment got a few students to think a bit. This was picked up by some of the larger websites out there about one week ago, but I just noticed it this morning.

I found it interesting how students were trying to explain why the federal tax code and redistribution of those funds was totally different than earning a GPA. How so?

One woman suggested money was totally different than a GPA since some people had specified advantages that helped them earn more money. The organizer suggested many students have advantages that allow them to more easily earn a higher GPA. She didn’t get the concept.

Obviously, this is an absurd concept but college should be a place where this type of experiment should be done. Really, how frequently do employers check your GPA during a background check? Certainly they confirm information on a resume like if they really graduated or really interned at a specific company, but the GPA?

I can think of one very prominent government employee – working for the people – who was interviewed and got the job without having to provide any information at all concerning his academic performance.


This next example from George Mason University illustrates the same experiment, but note the answer by one of the students.

The top five percent of people are probably like friggin’ millionaires … they are not going to miss those little bit of dollars.

The student might be interested to learn the top five percent include a good number of the people who make between $100,000 and $200,000.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    This is priceless!? It demonstrates the vacuousness of both liberal ideology and the products of liberal controlled education!? It is interesting to compare these students, no doubt good little liberals in training, to our elected officials, who are continually caught cheating on their taxes, and their “progressive” taxation schemes and class warfare demagoguery.
    I wonder if Mr. “…The top five percent of people are probably like friggin? millionaires” ever thought that the kids at the bottom of the class, struggling each and every day, think that the “A” students are like “millionaires”?? Or the ones that don’t have a flush mommy and daddy to pay for their educations, and have to work nights and weekends to meet the tuition.
    Now they should do a similar survey asking if “affirmative action”, which reserves seats for students based purely on their racial or cultural (see “hispanic”) attributes rather than actual academic achievement, is fair, i.e. would you give up your seat in this university for a potentially less qualified person of a different race (see Regents of the Univ. of California vs. Bakke in 1978)

    • GdavidH
      GdavidH says:

      Right on Dims. The liberals/socialists always seem to contradict what they say and believe. The examples are numerous, just look at all the multi-millionaire hollywierd dopes. See my coment on the post about the union thugs at college. My kids are going to school through only their hard work with a little borrowed money, borrowed by them. They will definately understand the value of what they are earning in school.

    • mynoc3
      mynoc3 says:

      Don’t forget those bigger families.? More kids = more money.? Should it not equal more GPA.? You can’t seriously expect them to work or study more if they take care of so many kids.? Also, so many get it easy (inherit or subject comes easy to them).? What would be nice is if they asked the struggling students and see if they say the same thing as the financially poor.

  2. BEA
    BEA says:

    I just shared this w/ my daughter (hs senior)…I told her, “You know how Obama’s big thing is wealth redistribution?” She nodded (no big reaction). I then shared that some kids are sending around petitions demanding that universities redistribute GPAs. “WHAT?!”….”Oh that’s an excellent analogy!!”
    I love it…hit em where it hurts to get em to start thinking!!?Brilliant!! 🙂

  3. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    What else would one expect from “Future Liberals of America?” The teachers in our school system taught them well—————– sooooooo sad.

  4. Mild Bill
    Mild Bill says:

    If I think differently than my friends, they won’t be my friends. Immature insecure dependent people, make great Democrats.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Lemming, in other words.? There is a great scifi novel called “Marching Morons”, by C.M. Kornbluth.?? Worth a read for its prescience.
      It might as well be renamed “Dancing Democrats” or “Lemming Liberals”.

  5. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    When I went to MCC and took my courses, I was not expected to “share” my grades with anyone else. Yes, there were group projects from time-to-time, but each person was graded on an indivual basis. This is frankly political correctness gone way, way too far if you ask me.

    • beru27
      beru27 says:

      I agree with you on that, you shouldn’t have to share grades with anyone, if you earned that A then you should get that A. If you didn’t do the work, then you recived a F, simple as that.

  6. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I love these college Republicans! This is a college to send your kids. These students have guts, brains and humor. I hope they decide to get really engaged in politics when they graduate. We need a GYP ( Grand Young Party) The GOP is getting dusty and mummified. Did you hear that Ron Paul? Get out, whether you run as an Independent or Republican you will be a spoiler.

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