Ralph Peters – Endless War

Jim asked me to re-post the link to Ralph Peters’ new book, so here it is.

From Amazon.com…

Endless War: Middle-Eastern Islam vs. Western Civilization features controversial strategist Ralph Peters at his most provocative and popular, raising perceptive, often shocking questions others fear to ask.

In a sweeping collection that ranges from Muslim triumphs a thousand years ago through the turning of the tide between East and West to the brutal unconventional struggles of today and tomorrow, former Military Intelligence Officer Peters extends his successful series of books on strategy and security affairs that have won him diehard fans for his insight, firsthand experience, and frankness. Endless War engages the toughest security issues of our time, including,

  • Does our Afghan war make sense? Do we even have a strategy?
  • Has flawed military planning left our troops as virtual hostages in combat zones?
  • Can Israel survive? What would an Iranian nuclear arsenal mean for the world?
  • Is Islam a “religion of peace,” or has the war between Islam and Western Civilization continued virtually without interruption for almost fourteen centuries?
  • Why doesn’t the greatest superpower in history win more often? Are we our own worst enemies?
  • Have we lost our sense of warfare’s reality? Why don’t we fight to win?
  • Do terrorist prisoners really deserve better treatment than American citizens?
  • What’s the true price of striking serious history courses from our schools?
  • Who does deeper damage to the United States, our violent enemies or an arrogant ruling elite?

In powerful prose combining clarity with passion, Ralph Peters continues to shape our country’s military and strategic thought, while standing up for our troops and American values. No book on strategy or foreign affairs this year will be fiercer or more brutally honest. As ever more dark clouds gather over the world, this is a voice we need!

About Ralph Peters…

Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer and the author of 25 books, including best-selling, prize-winning novels and influential works on strategy–six of which have now appeared under the Stackpole imprint. Peters is also an opinion columnist for the New York Post and a regular contributor to Armchair General Magazine. A popular media guest, he became Fox News’ first strategic analyst in 2009.