Question of the Day: Are You Joking? No, no I am not.

Reader Bob Porrazzo sends us this link which is good because the video server at WFTV is down.

Not all people in the media kiss Democrat a$$ as you will see. And here is her profile… . This Jim is what JOURNALISM OUGHT TO BE!

Joe Biden squirms out of the hot seat. I wonder how long before the new Obama administration begins looking into her background. Why won’t the press ask these questions. Good stuff. Wish there were follow ups but … alas. She done good.

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  1. Bob Porrazzo
    Bob Porrazzo says:

    Jim, I love you for giving me props. I had a root beer in your honor since you like it so much and I do too. By the by, what brand do you drink? Had a Mug Root Beer, but also like Barq's.

    It's official, we are now web pals. Say, you going to do a special webcast for election day> And by the way, I go by the Bob from Cos Cob handle at the chat rooms. Guess I exposed myself.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    That woman should be the role model for every alleged journalist in the country! She was unflappable and hard hitting. It is what both candidates should be getting, but only one has (actually, his understudy!). The quote from Karl Marx was a thing of beauty! It was beyond sweet to see Biden tap dance (lie) to cover for his boss. I hear that he pulled out of a later interview for his wife at the same station.

    No doubt she will "resign to spend more time with her family" in the near future, particularly if Obama wins. Probably get a Joe the Plumber IRS hosted rectal exam too, but I hope not.

  3. janet
    janet says:

    This interview is priceless. The Obama campaign called Barbara West “unprofessional.” Talk about projection. It was Joe Biden who was unprofessional. How disrespectful was it to ask if her questions were a joke and who wrote them!

    So much for that “spine of steel” the Obama administration (it makes me cringe just to put those two words together) will supposedly have if they can’t handle a simple four-minute exchange with a reporter without whining and canceling subsequent WFTV interviews.

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    It's nice to finally see Biden get asked some Real questions. It's also very nice to see him get interviewed by someone who is Not in the tank for the Democrats/Obama. Nice to see that journalists with integrity and guts still exist in this country.

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