Pro-amnesty rally a “go” on closed National Mall

This is how the Obama administration works. Are you a friend of the administration? If so, you’ll be provided with plenty of perks, waivers and special favors. It’s the Chicago way.

From the Washington Examiner.

A planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown.

Organizers for the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally which will take place on Tuesday.

Plenty of politicians – almost certainly Democrats- will also attend.

In the meantime, veterans were being told to leave places like the Vietnam War Memorial along the National Mall. Private businesses who lease space from the federal government are being forcibly shut down.

Nice, huh?

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I can only hope President Stompy Foot has gone too far on this, but those MSM cheerleaders are still cheering away.

  2. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    Closing the War Memorials in DC has been a disgrace.? Vets and their families arn’t taking this laying down.? This Sunday, Oct. 13 they are rallying all around the country.? For Ct. it will be at the Iwo-Jima memorial off?Ella Grasso blvd. at the New Britain/ Newington town line.? In Ma. it will be in Worcester on Skyline Drive, Green Hill Park, a Vietnam Memorial.?

  3. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Would love to see a group of Vets visiting/marching on the Mall, right along side of the illegals.? What a great photo op – the Park Service Police removing a group of American veterans who were ‘illegally assembling’ as a group of illegals gather/protested/marched on the same?hallowed grounds the Vets fought, bled and in the case of too many US serviceman, died for.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Painful for thee and not for me (and my friends and supporters).
    How very Chicago thug of you, Mr. president.? (lowercase on purpose)

    • JollyRoger
      JollyRoger says:

      And this past weekend the pols passed a bill that all furloughed workers will be paid after shutdown ends- so they are on paid vacation and have no skin in the game except to stay out as long as possible.

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