Press calls out Gibbs on phony baloney press conferences and town hall meetings

Finally someone calls out the Obama administration on the phony baloney town hall meetings with the specially selected participants, and the propaganda press conferences where the questions are scripted.

To be fair Bush’s town hall meetings contained specially selected participants as well.


Update (Jim): If you’re looking for an example of the aforementioned phoniness you can review this video and this post from last week’s Health Care Town Hall.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So what if Bush did it! He was the antiChrist to hear Democrats tell the tale! LOL! At least he didn't look like he was reading off of a list at the press conferences….

    Best Howard Dean line from that article:

    "I think it's so typical of the Republican Party to close out everybody they don't agree with," says Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Dean says the Bush administration's policy of shutting out opposition in his appearances is emblematic of what he says is an administration that has little respect for people who disagree with the president.

    "There's nothing wrong with a town meeting. I think they're terrific," says Dean. "I think the problem is that these meetings that the president's having really aren't town meetings. They're really rallies with the faithful, and I don't think that gets you much in the way of policy."

    My, how things change.

    It was priceless to see Chip Reid and Helen Thomas taking turns at the condescending Baghdad Bob Gibbs pinyata! His lonely, nervous giggle and smarmy behavior is classic.

    Nice of Helen to bludgeon him with the "you people call for openness and transparency…"

    My, my. Even the liberal media can see it. I guess there really is a tipping point for how much they will suck up.

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