President Felipe Calderon to Wolf: Of course we check immigrants IDs

The good news Mexican President Calderon doesn’t hide his hypocrisy. The bad news he doesn’t care. That should be enough to infuriate even the fence sitting Americans when it comes to Arizona’s illegal immigration bill. You know the one that prohibits profiling by race. The one that prohibits cops from asking about immigration status in the course of a criminal investigation. The one that … oh why bother. I suspect neither President has read the bill.

First the short video  setup. President Calderon yesterday in the Rose Garden scolds America and Arizona for that states illegal immigration bill, calling it “racial profiling” and “discriminatory”.


Now the juicy juice video. Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke with Wolf Blitzer yesterday and repeated the same lecturing line of crap that the Arizona bill will lead to “racial profiling” and is discriminatory. Wolf fires back with a little compare and contrast with Mexico’s immigration policies making the Mexican President look a little silly.

Red meat for all the pro Arizona folks in the audience.


That took cashews. But my guess is he doesn’t care. The One has his back. Remember November 2010!

UPDATE: AP at Hot Air has highlighted something far more indicting than the similarities between Mexico and Arizona’s laws. Mexico’s human rights records with migrants.

Not sure if that means at the border only or while you’re inside the country. Regardless, Mexico’s best deterrent against illegals isn’t its statutes but the fact that abuse of immigrants is so vicious and endemic that Amnesty International called it a “human rights crisis” just last month. Bear this in mind the next time you see some leftist idiot applauding Calderon’s fine principled stand on the dignity of all individuals:

He goes on the quote from and it’s pretty revealing and alarming. Michelle Malkin has a take on this as well, detailing immigration laws in Mexico. And this bum had the nerve to lecture us, and the One didn’t even stand up for us? Nice. Remember November 2010!

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Hypocrisy is just too tame a word for this insane level of double standardness.  So we are supposed to do all the things that the Mexicans (or any other sane country) would dream of doing?  Is Obama so pitifully lame that he, a "vaunted" Constitutional instructor, can't see the disparity?


    It was absolutely priceless to watch this story (without the revealing admissions to Blitzer, of course) on the SeeBS Early Show, immediately followed by a story on the dinner Øbama had for Calderon, where we were assured that the White House would have "no uninvited guests"!  In other words, the White House border was secured from party crashers.  Am I the only one to see the analogies here?


    It is definitely time to take our country back, from both the illegal alien invaders, and the socialist Democrat party.

  2. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Illegal, uninvited "guest" invades White House press conference right after dinner for Calerderon – the dirty rat 🙂

    From the AP (with photo):

    Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote…

    Several of the WH press corps report hearing it sqeaking with a Mexican accent.  Rodent profiling has been rejected as a future WH policy.  According to Rahm Emanuel, "no rodent need fear being trapped by our security patrols.  WH borders will remain open to tunneling and burrows.  We have no discriminatory policies against rodents, be they violently aggressive or disease-carrying."  President Calderon publicly thanked President Obama for fully supporting the rat, the rat's spouse and their three hundred offspring.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      The only way you could tell the rat from the Democrat pols and Hollyweird types was the rat didn't have a tuxedo on (and had better manners)!

      • Uconnjim
        Uconnjim says:

        If only the rat was carrying a Gadsden flag!


        Mother nature sure has an ironic sense of humor!

  3. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    And since when should any U.S. federal law or any law passed by one of our states be subject to scrutiny by the president of Mexico when he is a guest in our country???? 

    Didn't Obama swear an oath to uphold the laws of the United States?  Did he read U.S. immigration law or did he just scan it?  Now he is going to Mexico for support in bashing the new AZ law which merely mirrors federal law…support from a country that likes nothing more than to see people leave and come to the U.S. and live illegally off the fruits of our labor.  Oh that Mexico could be more like Cuba and demand it's citizens be returned after immigrating to the U.S. illegally!

    President Obama  is nothing more than an embarrassment to the U.S.  and Calderon is a hypocrite…plain & simple.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      If it weren't for the fact that Øbama was so dependent on reading teleprompters, I would doubt that he could read!  Think about it: he never read the health care travesty, the "stimulus" bill, and now the Arizona immigration rectification bill.


      How do you say "do as I say, not as I do" in Spanish?  Oh wait, I just have to look at Calderon's Blitzer interview!

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Compare how Netanyahu was treated with how this hypocritical Mexican president was greeted.


    'nuff said.

  5. Uconnjim
    Uconnjim says:

    Senor President Calderon,

    Shall we finally put up a fence (real & virtual)?  A wall?  A minefield?   To keep our guns out of your country, as you say; and to keep the drugs drug-smugglers, "coyote-human traffic-ers, murderous gangs, and illegal entrants out of our country?

    Don't you lecture us!!!

  6. Wyndeward
    Wyndeward says:

    And that's not the worst of it…

    New Amnesty International Report Documents "The Most Dangerous Journey in the World" — Abuse of Central American Migrants Trying to Reach the United States

    Tens of Thousands of Migrants are Prey to Kidnapping, Extortion, Beatings and Murder by Criminal Gangs, as Mexican Authorities Turns a Blind Eye or Participate; More than Half of Women and Girls Experience Sexual Violence

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