Pray to Allah or Else

Great Britain may have some serious issues at hand. Within the guise of "understanding other religions" students in England are being made to wear Islamic clothing and pray to Allah – in school.

This is dangerous and let me make this quite clear. Islamic fundamentalists want to convert you and your family and have you submit to their perverted ideals. If you don’t, no problem, they will just cut your head off. Evil exists, you can not negotiate with evil. Learning about other religions is fine, this just goes too damn far.

Here’s part of the story from the Daily Mail Online edition.

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent – which included wearing Muslim headgear – was a breach of their human rights.

One parent, Sharon Luinen, said: "This isn’t right, it’s taking things too far.

"I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn’t join in Muslim prayer.

"Making them pray to Allah, who isn’t who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful.

"I don’t want this to look as if I have a problem with the school because I am generally very happy with it."

Happy with it? Are you kidding me? I would not be happy with this school at all. This is another reason why the state should be completely out of the education business.

Hot Air has more info for you, and reminds us that Malkin covered this type of craziness here in the states.

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