Practicing spending restraint is possible and it can work

Two new videos this week from Dan Mitchel and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity. In these tutorials, Mitchel reviews spending restraint policies during the Reagan and Clinton administration as well as similar approaches by Canada, Ireland, Slovakia, and New Zealand to get rapid improvements in fiscal policy.

Not much time for analysis on my part, but watch the videos. Sure, each are about seven minutes long but worth the time.

Part One


Part Two


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  1. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    How can we (the conservatives) get the free-spending politicians to pass the CATO Institute “Economics 101,” “Economics 102,” etc. and put our budget on a diet? It sounds like the CATO Institute has a way of restraining spending and slimming-down the public sector. Restrain government spending, horrors to a Democrat’s ears.
    We deserve some good news about our national economic situation.
    Any suggestions?

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