Political “correctness” gone awry: coming to the U.S.?

Whither goest Great Britain, so goest the United States?

Great Britain is increasingly becoming a small laboratory of extremist socialist engineering, a microcosm of where the liberal Democrats here want this country to go.  Think about it: welfare, single payer medicine, immigration, gun control, taxation and political correctness.  A Democrat’s utopia.  Now think about how this has all gone awry by going to its illogical extremes: a huge welfare state of government dependent families (including recent student riots when the tuition goes up), the reported horrors of mismanagement, large cuts and poor care in their hospitals, an immigration problem that has spawned self-segregating communities and partial implementation (or at least acceptance) of Sharia law, a disarmed society where criminals have more rights than non-criminals, a huge income tax rate with an enormous VAT piled on top of it, and extremes of political correctness, the latter on which I wish to comment.

Recently, The UK Mail reported how children as young as those in nursery school (around 3 years old) are “put on record for so-called hate crimes such as using the word ‘gaylord’.”   Further, “One youngster was accused of being racist for calling a boy ‘broccoli head’ and another was said to be homophobic for telling a teacher ‘this work is gay’.  Two primary school children were reported for homophobia after quarrelling over a rubber and calling each other ‘gay’  and ‘lesbian’.”  In other words, name calling.

Here is the best part:

In total, 34,000 nursery, primary and secondary pupils were effectively classed as bigots because of anti-bullying rules.

The school can keep the pupil’s name and ‘crime’ on file.

The record can be passed from primaries to secondaries or when a pupil moves between schools.

And if schools are asked for a pupil reference by a future employer or a university, the record could be used as the basis for it, meaning the pettiest of incidents has the potential to blight a child for life.  (emphasis mine)

Nice, huh?  And you thought those stories of a mark on your “permanent record” were just a myth.  You expect this sort of stuff in oppressive societies like China, Cuba or the old Soviet Union, but Great Britain?  Apparently so.

At what point does reporting of political correctness violations veer into the beginning s of a police state?  When does the British equivalent of the Dept. of Children and Families start seizing children to “save” them from households the government deems “unsafe” or “detrimental to the children”?  How long before the government uses the kids to squeal on the parents?

The big question: how long before this trickles down to this country?  How much of this is currently happening but remains (as yet) unreported by a complicit media?

Is it still a conspiracy theory when you see the trends in our country and see it actually happening in a close ally?  Remember who is in control of the educational system in this country.

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  1. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    “At what point does reporting of political correctness violations veer into the beginning s of a police state? ”

    ?At what point do we finally say to? the reporters of political correctness to go pound sand and mind your own?####### ?business???

  2. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    “Think about it: welfare, single payer medicine, immigration, gun control, taxation and political correctness.? A Democrat?s utopia. ”
    Too bad you have to begin every post with such absurdity.
    However as far as PC in schools. You have to be aware of the rash of teen suicides due to bullying. (You are probably aware of a school system in the suburbs of Minneapolis where there were 4 suicides of homosexual students in 2 years.)
    Certainly young children calling each other “gay” or “lesbian” is leading to this homophobic bullying which is today exacerbated by the ability to text and email? others incessantly.
    So, what’s the answer? Should teachers, administrators continue to ignore or dismiss the abusive behavior?
    How should homosexuality be discussed in the schools? Or should it be?

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Maybe just reprimanding the child or calling in the parents versus getting them blacklisted as toddlers might be as start.
      Talk about absurdity!

      • crystal4
        crystal4 says:

        That is clearly absurd but, call in the parents, yes, but what if the parents are homophobes, bigots, etc?
        Case in point, the members of the debate audience the other night that booed the soldier who was on video from Iraq. Booed him!!! Just because he was gay!

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Then you’ve found your real problem.? Sins of the father etc….?? I defer to ABO below, but the “boofest” is waaaaaaay off topic.

    • Lazybum
      Lazybum says:

      After re-reading the article, I fail to see the absurd part in the lead in. Once-proud England has itself become a theater of the absurd. They apparently thought Orwells’ “1984” was a handbook.
      Regarding their vilifying 3 year olds for normal name-calling: How about talking to them, or demonstrating correct behavior by example. They are just children born of the politically correct society you apparently embrace. And then you blame them for being criminally mean?

  3. Anybody but Obama
    Anybody but Obama says:

    Crystal4 I just don’t know where to start on the booing so I went to research and this is what I came up with?
    Yes there was a boo from what sounds like one person. As revolting as it is to me hearing someone boo a soldier who is fighting to protect our rights and freedoms, it is that?idiots right to boo because he was exercising his right to free speech. Having grown up during the Viet Nam War era I seem to remember soldiers coming home and being cussed out and spit upon by left wing a**h****. The same people who are now your presidents friends and advisers. Lets not forget Bill Ayers and his lovely wife.?Even you posted a remark on August 25th about Marco Rubio that was racially insensitive but that was a freedom of speech. I didn’t like it but I don’t criticize all?my left wing friends because of one persons beliefs. Instead of pushing talking points that get emailed to you do 5 seconds of research and try and be somewhat close on point.

    • crystal4
      crystal4 says:

      I am just tickled pink about your obsession with me and Rubio and your obvious stance for political correctness..
      “He should go back to Cuba (substituted for Kenya).
      I want to see his birth certificate.
      he was “pallin” around with terrorists.
      He is a socialist, marxist, communist…(plug in your favorite of the day).”
      There, I said it again!
      You T P’s sure can dish it out but ya can’t take it.

  4. winnie
    winnie says:

    “Correctness” is based on many things, including an individual’s family, religious and social upbringing.? These are usually based on society’s mores and often possessing a conscience.? When you go and add “political” to the word “correctness” you’re going to irritate a whole lot of people.? While the government may think that they know best when it comes to what we should be free to speak and how to raise our children, let’s look at what a bang up job they’ve done with what they should be focusing on — running the United States like a profitable business.?
    It already has been trickling down to our government schools…and it’s the parents who haven’t given up on raising their children “correct”ly who keep on top of what they’re little darlings are coming home and spewing from “incorrect” textbooks and even more incorrect teachers.
    Common courtesy, respect for others and for one’s self and for at least one of the founding principles of this country (God, anyone?)? have fallen by the wayside.? There have always been bullies in schools and there always will be.? Do you think the truly obnoxious kids even care if they get a black mark on their permanent record?? And as for gay kids committing…

    • winnie
      winnie says:

      …suicide, while it is sad, I think it’s always been an issue.? I’d be curious as to what the statistics from say, the 1980s are on that particular suicide demographic.? Homosexuality is waaaaaay more accepted today, especially in public schools, than it was back then.

  5. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    This is way too scary for me. When humans get too stupid, my son always says, “it’s time for the Comet”. I think this is the trigger.

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