EP. 20 – Susan Mitchell from US Horse Welfare & Rescue

Special podcast today, interviewing Susan Mitchell, the president, founder and executive director of US Horse Welfare & Rescue.

EP. 19 – Republican Strategist Stephanie Conway and Charlie Gasparino from FBN

This week, Jim and Jane discuss millennials with Stephanie Conway and the stock market with Charlie Gasparino from FBN.

EP. 18 – With Dr. Michael Grey and Don Pesci

Jim and Jane talk with Dr. Michael Grey, medical chair at St. Francis Hospital about the Corona virus.

EP. 17 – Featuring Don Pesci and Bob McGuffee

Tonight's podcast features conservative columnist Don Pesci and Connecticut TEA Party founder Bib McGuffee.

EP. 16 – Dr. Michael Grey on COVID-19

Tonight's podcast features Dr. Michael Grey, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center - Topic: COVID-19.

EP. 15 – Jazz Shaw on Biden’s ability to be president

Our guest this week is  Jazz Shaw, weekend editor for Hot Air. Is running Joe Biden for president a big mistake for Democrats?

EP. 14 – Barbara Vicevich and Jonathan Hoenig

This week - Barbara Vicevich on Sen. Schumer's SCOTUS attack and Jonathan Hoenig reviews this week's market volatility.

EP. 13 – Myth of democratic socialism with Don Pesci

Conservative Connecticut columnist Don Pesci joins us to discuss the myth of democratic socialism.

EP. 12 – Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw: Government keeping UFO projects secret

How much do you know about the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program? We asked Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

EP. 11 – Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

EP. 10 – Interview with Barbara Vicevich – Democrats will not accept defeat

The former chief prosecutor for southern district of Florida: The democrats will not accept defeat.

EP. 9 – Don Pesci – Looney: Public hearing on Connecticut tolls might not be needed?

After last year's public hearings on the Connecticut toll proposal by Democrats, they might be trying to avoid future public hearings on the subject.