Ep. 102 – Democrats now unmasking & vaccinating kids

Guest Don Pesci comments on the Democrats - including Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) suddenly in favor of unmasking.

Ep. 101 – China’s growing military power

Former federal prosecutor Barbara Vicevich joins us to discuss the impact of Justice Breyer's upcoming retirement.

Ep. 100 – Biden crisis

Which Biden crisis is most important?

Ep. 99 – Federal vaccine mandates in the private sector

We discuss whether the federal government can mandate vaccines in the private sector, and why liberal justices back the Biden mandates.

Ep. 98 – Sen. Blumenthal piles on the gaffs

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) piles on the gaffs, but will they be enough to cost him his Senate seat in Connecticut?

Ep. 97 – Jazz Shaw & Jana on Socialism in America

The Socialists disguised in America as Democrats are as popular as ever.

Ep. 96 – Defamation lawsuit chances for Rittenhouse

What are Kyle Rittenhouse's chances of winning a successful defamation suit against Joe Biden for alleging he’s a white supremacist?

Ep. 95 – The 2022 election might be rough for Democrats

How bad is it for Democrats this year? It may be pretty bad.

Ep. 94 – Biden’s policies send inflation soaring

President Biden's policies send inflation soaring to a 30 year high. The cruelest tax of all.

Ep. 93 – Veteran’s Day Podcast

Jim's dad and step-dad both served as officers in World War II. This podcast is a tribute to them and all veterans who have supported the United States of America.

Ep. 92 – Upcoming Supreme Court cases

The Sound Off Sister, former assistant US attorney and law professor, joins us today talk about upcoming SCOTUS cases.

Ep. 91 – The true cost of Biden’s economy

Jim and Jane speak with author and Fox News Wall Street analyst Jonathan Hoenig. We break down the true cost of Biden’s economy and inflation.