Ep. 125 – UFOs on Capital Hill and the inflation con job

Jazz Shaw from HotAir - and our resident OFOlogist - joins Jim and Jane to discuss recent congressional hearings into US Navy UFO videos.

Ep. 124 – Illegal aliens line up for free stuff

Homeland Security Analyst Simon Hankinson from the Heritage Foundation joins Jim and Jane to discuss the impact on American cities and states.

Ep. 123 – The Inflation Reduction Act is a Trojan horse

Will the big red wave in November include Connecticut? Plus we discuss the true impact of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

Ep. 122 – The Conn. GOP and the raid on Trump’s estate

Former US Attorney Barbara Vicevich talks with us about the raid on Trump's Florida estate. Was it legal?

Ep. 121 – The Inflation Reduction Act

Economist Ed Guay and Hot Air editor-in-chief Ed Morrissey join Jim and Jane to blow holes in the misnamed bill that claims spending will reduce inflation.

Ep. 120 – Biden and Democrats redefine recession

Are we headed for a recession? F0x News contributor Jonathan Hoenig says we're already there.

Ep. 119 – Democrats not interested in a Biden second term

We discuss the New York Times poll showing most Democrats don’t want Joe to run again for president. John Hinderaker joins us.

Ep. 118 – SCOTUS attacked on Roe, plus gun control

Unprecedented attacks on the institution of the Supreme Court, plus more gun control legislation from Congress.

Ep. 117 – SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade and New York’s carry laws

Former federal prosecutor and law professor Barbara Vicevich joins Jim and Jane to react to both cases.

Ep. 116 – Senate votes on gun control

CNN calls the Senate's gun control legislation a breakthrough?

Ep. 115 – Kamala for president?

President Joe Biden's statements call into question his suffering from early-onset dementia.

Ep. 114 – New demands for more gun control

The mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo have led to new cries for more gun control.