Ep. 138 – Twitter and the FBI, plus the southern border crossings

Erin Dwinell from the Heritage Foundation joins Jim and Jane to discuss the facts about illegal southern border crossings, now a record.

Ep. 136 – Open Borders

President Biden pretty much told border states this week that he does not care to deal with the illegal immigrants. We get the conservative take from Heritage Foundation's Erin Dwinell.

Ep. 135 – Sen. Murphy wants to defund cops not willing to violate rights

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) wishes to withhold federal funds for law enforcement if they "don’t comply" with the enforcement of federal and state gun control laws.

Ep. 134 – No Red Wave

Conservative blogger and Hot Air weekend editor Jazz Shaw joins us. Jim and Jane also speak the Sound Off Brother from Atlanta.

Ep. 133 – The 2022 Midterm Election

Jim and Jane break down key races with conservative blogger John Hinderaker from Powerline Blog. John’s one of the top minds in conservative politics.

Ep. 132 – Biden blames Trump for Pelosi attack

A disturbed individual shows absolutely no signs of being a Trump supporter. Nonetheless, President Joe Biden is blaming the attack on Paul Pelosi on supporters of former President Trump.

Ep. 131 – Biden clueless; Will he run again?

After a series of unforced gaffes and an impending midterm election wipeout, some wonder if Democrats want President Biden to run again.

Ep. 130 – Biden not worried about inflation

Hotair weekend editor Jazz Shaw joins us team to kick around President Biden's theories on inflation, plus the Sound Off Boston Brother joins us to discuss New England's bleak winter energy forecast.

Ep. 129 – Democrats would give voting rights to all illegal migrants

According to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), a house bill was designed by Democrats to provide voting rights to all illegal migrants.

Ep. 128 – Biden administration totally out of touch with inflation

President Biden tells ABC News that inflation is not that bad, even while it hits a 40 yr high. Vice President Harris blames it on Trump.

Ep. 127 – Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden and fellow Democrats celebrated the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act as inflation hits a record high.

Ep. 126 – Biden’s “threat to democracy” speech

President Biden labeled former President Trump and Republican supporters as a threat to democracy. Conservative blogger John Hinderaker joins us to review Biden's dark speech.