Ep. 114 – New demands for more gun control

The mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo have led to new cries for more gun control.

Ep. 113 – Don’t be lured by the false promises of equality

Jane Benson warns Americans not to be lured by the false promises of equality.

Ep. 112 – Rising gas prices and gun free zones

Jonathan Hoenig joins Jim and Jane to talk about rising gas prices, plus the Texas school shooting.

Ep. 111 – Unidentified aerial phenomena, and the baby formula shortage

Noted UFOlogist and weekend editor of the top conservative blog hotair.com Jazz Shaw joins us to talk about the latest UFO footage

Ep. 110 – SCOTUS protesting … at the homes of justices

Former Federal Prosecutor Barbara Vicevich explains why protesting at the homes of SCOTUS just are likely illegal.

Ep. 109 – SCOTUS draft opinion on abortion

Discussion the unprecedented leak of the SCOTUS Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling that may effect Roe v. Wade.

Ep. 108 – Biden’s out-of-control inflation promises mid-term blowout

The current out-of-control inflation promises a mid-term election blowout for Republicans.

Ep. 107 – Hunter’s grand jury featuring former federal prosecutor Barb Vicevich

The grand jury continues to meet investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his dealings with China. Who is the Big Guy?

Ep. 106 – Ukraine baffles experts, FBI investigates alleged Lamont corruption

Heritage Foundation military analyst James Carafano on how a tiny country like Ukraine could beat off the giant red army.

Ep. 105 – Judge Brown Jackson’s Senate hearing

Former Assistant US Attorney and law professor Barbara Vicevich speaks with Jim and Jane about Judge Brown Jackson's hearing.

Ep. 104 – Zelinsky addresses the US Congress

This week Ukraine President Zelinsky made a passionate speech before US Congress.

Ep. 103 – Russian invasion of sovereign Ukraine

Ukrainians fight fiercely to stop Russian invasion and, for good reason says author and cold war defector Jana Kandlova.