Ep. 82 – Voter fraud

Voter fraud podcast.

Ep. 81 – Mask mandate redux & defunding police

President Biden wants to impose a mask mandate again. This time people are pushing back the moms have stated a group - Unmask our Kids.

Ep. 80 – Inflation concerns and the Paul vs. Fauci showdown

We discuss inflation concerns with Don Pesci, plus we check out the Paul vs. Fauci showdown on Capital Hill.

Ep. 79 – COVID rights surrender

Our rights surrendered are rights lost. Conservative columnist Don Pesci reviews how we are giving up rights in name of COVID.

Ep. 78 – Ron Winter on the Afghanistan withdrawal, and CRT

We welcome Vietnam veteran and author Ron Winter as we discuss the ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Ep. 77 – Our first look at critical race theory

Conservative columnist Don Pesci joins us to take a look at critical race theory.

Ep. 76 – Reviewing recent SCOTUS decisions

Former US attorney and law professor Barbara Vicevich joins Jim and Jane to analyze the latest Supreme Court decisions. Two cases specifically; freedom of religion and a decision that will solidify Obamacare.

EP. 75 – UFOs and ransomware infrastructure vulnerability

Jazz Shaw, editor at the Hot Air blog and ufologist, returns to update us on the federal government investigation into UFOs.

EP. 74 – Special Memorial Day Weekend podcast

Featuring best selling author Ronald Winter and gold star mom Leesa Philippon.

EP. 73 – Blue states use federal money to keep taxes low

Keith Pfaneuf from ctmirror.org joins us to talk about states scrambling for more revenue

EP. 72 – Texas, the Supreme Court and UFOs

Jazz Shaw from Hot Air on the new UFO video. Plus Barbara Vicevich on a new SCOTUS case and will Texas turn blue?

EP. 71 – HR1 and an Arizona audit update

An examination of HR1 and the Arizona presidential vote audit with conservative commentator Tom Vicevich and your phone calls.