EP. 20 – COVID-19 talk with Dr. Grey & Doc Zero

Dr. Michael Grey speaks with Jim and Jane about the topping out of the coronavirus in Connecticut. Plus Doc Zero on the American economy.

EP. 20 – Susan Mitchell from US Horse Welfare & Rescue

Special podcast today, interviewing Susan Mitchell, the president, founder and executive director of US Horse Welfare & Rescue.

EP. 19 – Republican Strategist Stephanie Conway and Charlie Gasparino from FBN

This week, Jim and Jane discuss millennials with Stephanie Conway and the stock market with Charlie Gasparino from FBN.

EP. 18 – With Dr. Michael Grey and Don Pesci

Jim and Jane talk with Dr. Michael Grey, medical chair at St. Francis Hospital about the Corona virus.

EP. 17 – Featuring Don Pesci and Bob McGuffee

Tonight's podcast features conservative columnist Don Pesci and Connecticut TEA Party founder Bib McGuffee.

EP. 16 – Dr. Michael Grey on COVID-19

Tonight's podcast features Dr. Michael Grey, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center - Topic: COVID-19.

EP. 15 – Jazz Shaw on Biden’s ability to be president

Our guest this week is  Jazz Shaw, weekend editor for Hot Air. Is running Joe Biden for president a big mistake for Democrats?

EP. 14 – Barbara Vicevich and Jonathan Hoenig

This week - Barbara Vicevich on Sen. Schumer's SCOTUS attack and Jonathan Hoenig reviews this week's market volatility.

EP. 13 – Myth of democratic socialism with Don Pesci

Conservative Connecticut columnist Don Pesci joins us to discuss the myth of democratic socialism.

EP. 12 – Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw: Government keeping UFO projects secret

How much do you know about the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program? We asked Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

EP. 11 – Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

EP. 10 – Interview with Barbara Vicevich – Democrats will not accept defeat

The former chief prosecutor for southern district of Florida: The democrats will not accept defeat.