Planned Parenthood staff certainly use the word “confidential” a lot

New video from Live Action Films. This time they visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in New York.Hat tip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air for the pointer. The video is from Lila Rose at Live Action Films, and highlighted in her post on Big Government.


Our actors, posing as a pimp and his prostitute, walked into the Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood clinic. They were quick to tell staff there that they managed an underage sex ring of girls as young as 14.  The staffer is unfazed and offers to go one better: “We see people as young as 13,” reassuring the human traffickers, “everything is totally confidential.”

The question we’re wondering is did the two staff members at PP make any phone calls to law enforcement about the visit? In the past, they have claimed they did just that … and then fired the employee. Would the “confidential” discussion lead to an investigation if law enforcement was contacted?

Since no services were provided during these visits, I guess you could argue no law was broken, but at what point would the discussion require the staff to contact law enforcement? (I assume the law varies state-by-state.)

Exit Question: Has this clinic … or any of the other clinics featured in these videos – actually called law enforcement in the past as required by law (in some states) and reported actual child prostitution?

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