Philly calls for investigation into 16 year old’s abortion

Here’s the link to Regina Medina’s story from the Philadelphia Daily News story on the alleged DHS mandated abortion of a 24 week term baby. That story is here.

But here is the update on the investigation.

Two Philadelphia-area politicians want the city’s Department of Human Services to answer some questions following allegations published this week in the Daily News that a caseworker pressured a teen in foster care into having an abortion.The day the story appeared, Concilio, the provider agency contracted with DHS, removed the teen and three other children from the home of the foster mother, who spoke out about the case.

“DHS engaged in retaliatory behavior by removing the remaining children in the foster parent’s care because of her willingness to disclose unethical practices of the agency,” state Sen. LeAnna Washington, whose district covers parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, wrote in a letter sent to DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose.

We will keep you updated on this story.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Thank you Jim for breaking the code of silence on the abortion issue. The culture of death grows in power by the death of debate, truth, and human conscience. I thought the advocates of abortion were pro choice. Where is the choice when the state uses  the many powers at its disposal to obstruct the justice of a  decision for life? I thought the fight to end abortion was to be  removed from politics because abortion will happen anyway if illegal, and what we really need is to change people's hearts. What use is there in putting people's hearts in the right place, if the state is going to use all the powers at its disposal to murder life that is deemed a social inconveniance? We need to be engaged in this battle.

  2. phil
    phil says:

    There was some discussion of 'morality' by callers on Friday's show.  I agree.  Where are the morals of a judge who condemned an unborn person to death without a trial?  Where are the morals of the Department of Human Services who jack-booted this little girl in front of this judge? Where are the morals of anyone who stood by and watched while this happened?

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