Personal responsibility gone: Walmart must foot bill for EBT snafu

We know exactly what these people purchased. We know exactly who these people are. We know they were taking advantage of a broken government system. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but the government is telling Walmart to pick up the tab.

From ABC News, with my emphasis in bold.

A couple of Louisiana Walmart stores will be stuck with most of the bill after food stamp recipients went on a colossal shopping spree when a power outage temporarily lifted their spending limits, state officials said today.

Police were called to Walmart locations in Mansfield, La., and Springhill, La., on Saturday as shoppers cleaned out store shelves.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd said some customers were pushing more food than any household could store in a refrigerator and freezer.

“I saw people drag out eight to ten grocery carts,” Lynd said. One person hauled away more than $700 worth of groceries, the chief said.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services’ spokesman Trey Williams said the retailers who chose not to use the emergency procedures that limit sales up to $50 per cardholder during an emergency would be responsible for any additional amount spent over eligible benefit balances.

Yeah, cause the people with the EBT cards are uneducated thieves who don’t know any better. No doubt about it, this was a social media event. People with EBT cards shared the information via Twitter, Facebook and text message about Walmart allowing the use of EBT cards without limits; people came crushing into the stores. This is not a big financial hit for Walmart, but what I really want people to recognize here is the attitude and actions of this select group of people on government assistance.

Can somebody out there try to explain why these people should not be held responsible for their actions? Don’t tell me it’s Walmart’s fault. These people knew exactly what they were doing. Somehow, their brains are wired to think this is acceptable behavior. How does that happen? What kind of example is this for their kids?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Funding the looters is now another entitlement program!? I hope that Wally World learns its lesson and refuses to accept the welfare cards on the next “glitch”.? The cost, as usual, will be passed on to the other shoppers yet again.?
    At minimum, the offending shoppers should be banned from Walmart.? Flag the cards and escort the looters out of the store unless they pay restitution.? If they were smart, they would refuse all EBT cards.

  2. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    “Yeah, cause the people with the EBT cards are uneducated thieves who don?t know any better”,they don’t know the difference between right & wrong. There’s seldom a speck of morality left in a long time welfare recipient.

  3. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    These looters didn’t care. They saw an opportunity to pillage and skip out. I’m surprised if all of the “shoppers” actually went through the check-out lines.
    Personal responsibility is a non-starter with a lot of people. They are always out for what they can get for themselves. I am sure most of those involved in the Walmart ripoff feel they were entitled to what they took and any questions of right or wrong don’t even register with them. Morality? LOL Restitution? Ha!
    Here’s a thought: Cancel the EBT cards and bar the people involved from applying until a period of time has passed. Example: if the EBT card is funded at, say, $500 per month and they “liberated” $2000 worth of merchandise, then they are off of EBT for four months.
    That will never happen. They will all play the race card, cry how poor they are or moan how the children will . . .
    Nope, they’ll never make restitution. Never.

  4. JackieD
    JackieD says:

    As a person that has worked all my life for everything I have, it is really discouraging to have the government try to tax every breath we take, ?and to ?see the cheaters ?take advantage of us, the government and businesses to pay their way.

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It is just government sanctioned looting, even when the system is running!!
    Walmart should have let them wait for the eventual back entitlement pay.

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