Penn State warns: Watch out for those crazy veterans

This is more than post worthy because to ignore would mean the perpetuation of these dumb liberal myths about soldiers in general and war veterans in particular. The big Hat Tip goes to Allah at Hot Air. Take a moment to watch this video put together by the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Office of Student Affairs presumably to help teachers deal with unruly students .. you know soldiers.

This is the history flashback that was perpetuated during the aftermath of the Vietnam War that portrayed soldiers as crazed animals ready to snap at a moment. It’s disgusting. PSU has since taken the video down … but the image remains, particularly in the minds of the left.


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  1. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:

    We have the war on terror and the War on the Leftist Universities. who are the soldiers worst enemy is hard to tell. The soldier is the very one who preserves these reprobates freedoms. God bless our Troops!!

    For it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. Zell Miller

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