Pat Tillman’s mother recalls journey for facts in new book

No matter how you slice it, Mary Tillman’s a Gold Star Mom and she has my deepest sympathies for the loss of her son. Here’s my problem though. First off, I read the article expecting that the proceeds of the book are going to some charitable organization for soldiers. I have yet to read that information and I watched most of the recent 60 Minutes special and did not hear anything about the proceeds there either. Now I would venture to guess that’s what Pat Tillman would’ve wanted. Pat Tillman was a true Patriot. And I believe that what his family says about him being worried about what the Army/Gov’t would do if something happened to him could be true. But that’s not my problem. Nor is my problem what happened after the fact. I believe it was a combination of the chaos which is a part of war and some misguided people that thought they were doing the right thing. Still wondering what my problem is??? Mary Tillman has gone beyond getting the true story of what happened. And it very well could be the way she’s coping with the loss of her son. But the soldiers that were involved in this incident are being riped to shreds. Not by Mary Tillman, but by themselves. Their buddies can tell them it wasn’t their fault all they want, which it wasn’t, but do you think they blame themselves??? We all know at this point that it was friendly fire that night and a tragic mistake. But she’s going after where the shooters were, were they in the vehicle, were they out of the vehicle. What good is this doing anyone??? I think Pat Tillman loved his buddies and was loved by them. He knows it was a mistake and I’m sure does not blame them from where he’s sitting and would not want them going through this. Those soldiers know what happened that night and will have to live with it the rest of their lives. Please Mary Tillman, let them be. War is not easy and not perfect. I know you’re problem is with the government, more namely the Bush Administration and you don’t agree with this war. I hope the soldiers on the ground that night understand that and that you’re just a Mother grieving and it was not their fault.

Again, my deepest sympathies to the Tillman family, a great American was lost fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. That is not in dispute.

~Post by Mel