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Obama vs Ryan: Game on! Video

I’ve already posted on the president’s speech yesterday. But I thought I would throw some red meat out there for you, you little mobsters. Here is some video letting you compare and contrast Barack Obama slamming Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan fighting back. Awesome.


Coming soon…Obamacare’s food police

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration issued its “long awaited” rules concerning the posting of calorie count information at restaurants, etc.  The rules themselves will not take effect until 2012.  Unless, of course, they appear to be unpopular.  In that case, much like the 1040 waivers already granted to companies, unions and states for their group insurance […]


More of your tax dollars at work

Remember those heartwarming commercials before last year’s election where Andy Griffith tried to assure seniors that Obamacare was really a great program? Just in case you’ve forgotten, you can view one of them here. As we pointed out then, Sheriff Andy didn’t exactly tell the truth about Obamacare.  He tried to assure seniors that their Medicare benefits […]


AARP’s payback for supporting Obamacare

It was more than a bit curious when AARP supported Obamacare. After all, AARP purports to represent seniors, and Obamacare claims that it will cut $500 billion from senior’s Medicare.  Well, now we know why. As pointed out an earlier post, the administration has granted 222 “waivers” from the provisions of Obamacare. One of the largest […]


“Shoveling Lies” and why you need to throw them out.

I’ve lost track of all of the lies, serious lies. Lies that the left has used to get themselves elected, to gain power, and to bankrupt this country. Lies that will enslave your children to the government “man” and lies that they think will keep them in power. Entry question: will it work?


Obamacare: here’s an idea, let’s steal from the seniors

We are told that millions who currently have no health insurance will soon be covered under Obamacare.  But, where will the money come from to do this?  By 2017, thousands of people in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio will be paying more than $5,000 per year in lost health-care benefits to make ObamaCare possible…[f]or some […]


Florida’s Governor Crist: Thoroughly confused about Obamacare

We learned in a news interview yesterday that Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist would have voted for Obamacare, that is, before he voted against Obamacare, which was, of course before he voted for Obamacare. Those of you unfamiliar with the Florida political landscape should know that our “Republican” governor really, really wants to be its next […]


Obamacare: do as I say, not as I do

Remember last September when the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), at the urging of Senator Baucus (D. Mont.), issued “cease and desist” orders against Medicare Advantage insurers from doing the unthinkable…actually communicating with their insureds about the provisions of Obamacare?  According to the administration, these communications were “false and misleading”. Why?  Because they actually pointed […]