O’Reilly Producer Ambushes Bill Ayers Update: With Police Video

Update: We’ve updated the video below to include the police shots and some O’Reilly commentary at beginning and end. The snippet we had used earlier was rushed as headed out the door for this morning’s UCONN game. Sorry. The rest stands.

Well it’s about time someone went after some answers. Congrats to O’Reilly and his producer. Ayers says nothing but a couple things cracked me up. The red star on the T shirt … oh and the line of the day, an admitted Marxist saying  … “Get off my property.” What a kick … Marxist… private property  … stop it … please … oh my side is aching …. bwahahahahaha.

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  1. Bob Porrazzo
    Bob Porrazzo says:

    Ayers just knows no bounds when it comes to hating America! And would I have loved to have done this myself and I would have asked my $10 million question…

    Mr. Ayers, why do you hate America? Is it because it isn't the one-world socialist Utopian government you are going to be preaching to vulnerable children in the country and around the world?

    Meanwhile, I found something on YouTube. It's an interview on WFTV in Orlando, FL with Barbara West talking to Biden. Not all people in the media kiss Democrat a$$ as you will see


    And here is her profile…


    This Jim is what JOURNALISM OUGHT TO BE!

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