O’Reilly: Obama’s not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids

Yeah, that makes me so much more comfortable. Well Newt has a tough problem not laughing thougout the entire interview. As it was, he still laughed plenty.

It started with Rush’s rant last week where a woman caller brought up O’Reilly’s name and Rush took a level only Rush could. He mocked Bill about his “fair and balanced” pander to the Obama administration … but Rush’s rant also included shots at Bill’s … umm … self awareness?

It must have struck a nerve because O’Reily spent the first half hour of his show asking a variety of guests if they thought Obama was a socialist. Newt was first up. Answer was classic. But as you listen you will notice that Bill continually confuses socialism with communism and totalitarianism. No Obama is not trying to confiscate private property … well not all private property (see GM, Chrysler, college loan industry, health care) but he believes in Government control that goes far beyond government regulation. But why let me tell you. Here’s Newt.


Not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids. No, not quite. Johnson never had a pat czar and didn’t own a car company. But that’s just me. Comments welcome. I will likely touch on this, so if you have objections, make em known.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, President Obama is not just a President Lyndon Johnson on STERIODS, but also a President Jimmy Carter on STERIODS also. At the rate President Obama is going, the one thing that he will have with them both is that he could end up being a one term President.

  2. patriot artisan
    patriot artisan says:

    it has been a long time since i have taken oreilly seriously. it was right about the time he gave obama a b+ grade for his first year and then incredibly touting  his skills as a moderator during the smoke and mirrors that was called the "health care summit". just hang in there oreilly! inside edition awaits your return!

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