On Line Dating Don’ts

When I first starting reading this post I found it amusing … but then I got to item 9 through 13 … and well … hurrah. It could just as easily apply to men … but it was written by a man as advice to women. So take it for what you will … but on points 10 through 13, pretty much right on. Here’s the whole thing.

(Editor’s note: Yes I am seeking comments on this one. Feel free to add to the list.)

10.Looking for someone at least 6 feet tall.” Do you really want to limit yourself to 15% of the male population? Are you sure you’d reject someone who’s 5’11″—even if he’s intelligent, attractive, interesting, and successful? Also, consider how you’d react to a man’s profile that said he’s not interested in women over a specific body-mass index or under a specific bra size. If your reaction would be, “Ugh, how shallow!” … then think twice about specifying height.

11. “Looking for Prince Charming / my knight in shining armor / someone who slays dragons.” How did we get to the Middle Ages all of a sudden? You might as well just say: “I’m living in a fantasy world.” And a pretty cliched fantasy world at that.

12. “I’m tired of drama / games.” Two strikes against this one: (1) it’s plagiarized from a million other profiles, and (2) it’s code for “I still have lingering feelings of resentment about past relationships.” Keep your relationship baggage out of your profile.

13. “I hate liars.” Really? How odd—I love them!

As an aside … the post is written by the son of lawyer and blogger Ann Althouse. Nicely done.

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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Wow, well call me "contemptuously distrustful" but I am going to stick with Dr. House on this one:  They ALL Lie!  I have never done it and likely never would.  I have heard enough stories on the online dating thing to keep me away.   Of course, there is a lot about the face to face dating scene to keep me away.   (oh, eh em, is that an indication of past relationship baggage or current dating options?  hmmm)

  2. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    So, let me see if I understand this clearly: Jim, you are looking for a six foot woman who jousts???  Well, I just drove 13 hours straight so I might just have missed something here….

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