Olbermann proclaims he would rather go to jail

Stop it. Really, stop laughing. He’s serious. Keith Olbermann proclaimed he would rather go to jail than be forced by the government to buy health insurance.

Now you might say, hey, Keith is with us, those of us who stand for personal freedom and individual liberty. Not so fast my brothers and sisters. Keith says he will gladly face jail time because he would be forced to buy “private insurance’ instead of a public option. OK, you may resume laughing again. Go to Newsbusters to read the transcript or just enjoy the video.

I am so tempted to say, oblige him. Interestingly he says he is self insured, which means he pays cash for his docs. I’m all for that. But that’s pretty much the luxury of the wealthy, while the limo liberals confine the rest of us to a crummy federally run health care system. Good for us but not for them. But since he is in favor of pushing this crap, in particular the public option on the rest of us, I would expect him to not just buy into it … but use it as well. No cash for the specialist of your choice, Keith. You limo liberals crack me up.

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  1. Twomiler
    Twomiler says:

    How about a reality show featuring Olbermann and his new roomate, a terrorist from Gitmo, living as roomates in their Illinois prison?

  2. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Well this was the plan all along. Single payer and public option were never viable options. As I recall I asked you on the air a few months ago where the insurance lobby is and why they would allow single payer and this result is very easy to predict. There is no need to protest or bother anyone at a town hall meeting or anything like that. The insurance lobby will do the work for you.  The truth is that the democrats could have pushed single payer through a long time ago. But that is not how the play was drawn up.

    This is just one more disgusting example of how corrupt our government has become. One both sides of the aisle. This is an insurance company give away, which is what this idea was destined to become. I mention to you a couple of month ago how the president slipped and talked about health insurance reform and not heath care reform. Presidents don't make mistakes like that unless insurance is on your mind. Single payer and public option were never the end game here.

    Anyway, nice job mobilizing the people and helping the insurance companies divide and conquer.  At the very least they should sponsor your show or post ads on your blog.

    The proposal now is the worst possible option and if this reform is a must have situation then the best option is single payer because we would realize operational efficiencies that other options do not provide. Don't get me wrong I don't support any of this crap, but if I had to choose between the 3 then single payer would be the lesser of the evils.


    • patriot artisan
      patriot artisan says:

      eric, thanks for the post. i have been wondering all along why the insurance industry remained silent in the debate. the same with the trial lawyers. i just assumed the irony of fighting against reform while gauging their customers would be too transparent, so they stayed mum. sadly, this will have to play out. however misguided we MIGHT have been, there is still a new awakening in this country, and that is a powerful thing. and keep one thing in mind, insurance reform is most suseptable to repeal than health care reform. stay strong and be involved.

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