OK … I Was Wrong

Just yesterday I posted on the current lies being peddledd by the Obama campaign, Fact Checking Me Not Thee. Specifically how the main stream media is so quick to Fact Check McCain and yet leave the Messiah untouched. You can read it here.

I then told you not to hold your breath waiting for the MSM to cover the Obama Liearama …. well its not much but you can breath now.

“Obama has descended to similarly scurrilous tactics on the stump and on the air. On immigration, Obama is running a Spanish-language ad that unfairly lumps McCain together with Rush Limbaugh — and quotes Limbaugh out of context. On health care, Obama misleadingly accuses McCain of wanting to impose a $3.6 trillion tax hike on employer-provided insurance.

Obama has been furthest out of line, however, on Social Security, stooping to the kind of scare tactics he once derided.

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