Oh Lord … stop the exploitation of the poor – Update: Video Up

For some strange reason this little prayer seemed a whole lot less like a prayer than a campaign speech. Allah at HotAir agrees. The Reverend asked God to take a whack at rich folks so they will stop exploiting poor folk and help white folks do what’s right. I not sure if he meant me … but if he took the time to glance over his shoulder he would see a black President of the United States elected by … umm .. white folk? Here’s the relevant portion of the “prayer”.


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  1. wendy
    wendy says:

    I hate to be made to feel like no matter what I do I cannot be good, I cannot be "right" and I cannot be part of the "in" crowd. Just because I voted for President Bush (twice) doesn't mean I'm bad, and just because I didn't vote for President Obama doesn't mean I'm racist. We're different. But I'm big enough to know four year go by fast, and I'll support who ever is in charge of keeping this country safe (unlike Cameron Diaz, et al).

  2. leannabelle
    leannabelle says:

    That so called prayer was outrageous – not to mention racist.  It's important to remember that racism works in more than one direction.  Who chose that "reverend"?  Did our new president approve him and did anyone read it beforehand??

  3. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:

    Maybe he's praying for what will be left of the American middle class tax payer in the next couple of years of what will become of us under Obama.(in reference to the poor)

  4. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    I think the "poor" needs to be defined.  Does he mean "poor" in the USA? With cell phones, $100 sneakers, more than one TV? Video games????

    Try eating GRASS twice a week, burning a hole through your food while making lye soup and treating it with leeches.  Losing your hair to mal nutrition.  Giving birth in the woods and having the baby die because of no medical care.  Making a sandwich by RUBBING the week old bread with meat just so it can SMELL like a sandwich.  How about a toy doll made up from a potato and pieces of rags?

    How THAT for poor???  This guy has NO CLUE what poor is.  This junk is A SMALL EXAMPLE of what my parents had to go through in Italy during the war, as well as UNDER Socialist Facist rule, and for a good time till they came here.  Once here, they had nothing but the OPPORTUNITY to make something of themselves.  They were denied jobs, spit on, called names, made fun of for what they wore and eat and how they spoke.  But they DIDN'T point fingers.  They wanted NOTHING from others.  To them, just the CHANCE for advancement was far, far more than they could have ever hoped for. 

    Self determination.  Taking responsibility for themselves.  No blame game.  No " we all know why Hartford is in such a mess, wink wink".   They took like as something that they could change if they tried hard enough.  None of todays "learned helplessness" and brainwashing that no matter what you do, you  will be held back by the rich and powerful.

    Ever gonna be Bill Gates?  PROBABLY NOT, but at least here, you can try.

    Sorry, EFFORT buys sympathy from me and many others of immigrant families.

  5. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    Sorry about the typos. I gotta reread from now on.  Who can I BLAME for that….?……Gotta be someone, right?

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