Obligatory video: Surviving a massacre and the need for “assault weapons”

This video has been around for years, and the audio was played by Jim during the first hour of the big radio show this morning. Here it is … the testimony in-front of a Congressional committee from Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp in 1994 just prior to the implementation of the federal assault weapons ban.


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  1. Brenden 2
    Brenden 2 says:

    The “Wizards of Smart” don’t care.
    They know better.
    Because they think we are a bunch of dummies.
    Where is the disgust of the over militarization of law enforcment personnel.
    Look at the pictures and videos of Sandy Hook, in the immediate aftermath and even hours late.
    Way too much fire power carried by unidentified S.W.A.T> Tema, FBI, and State Police.
    Can we now say our Police are actually “Pararmilitary Personnel”?
    I saw FBI agents and others in those pictures with two and three so called “assault rifles”.
    Do we as a society think this is ok? And or Normal?
    These Big boy Police want to have their guns and play with them too.
    How much adrenaline was pumping through their veins as they strapped on their body armour and grabbed one, two, three weapons and rushed to the site?
    Berlin, CT

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    The sad reality and truly I find this very disgusting is how those who are in public office USE this horrible massacre in Newtown for their political agendas.

  3. RJ
    RJ says:

    The problem with this video is that if these guns were registered like cars, we could track the crazies that buy them from greedy gun owners that sell them to make a quick buck at other peoples expense. I think you should be able to own guns but with very strict laws that are enforced. If you think that you can fight the government with machine guns think again. When the G men want to get you,?I doubt that they will have a shoot out with a machine gun, They will probably fly a drone near your house and?take care of you quickly, as you shoot off? 30 rounds before you expire.?

  4. joe_m
    joe_m says:

    No one in Congress or Hartford will listen to her.
    She speaks the truth and they do not want to hear the truth.

  5. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Nothing needs to be added to what Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp said. But personally, I would like to tell off Chuck Schumer for his elitist snooty attitude. Viewing him in this video made me sick.

  6. JBS
    JBS says:

    The Democrats lust for gun banning, “control” and making punitive laws against law-abiding citizens (yes, sammy) has nothing to do with making any citizens safer. Dr. Gratia-Hupp could have changed history — at least defended herself and her family — if she was armed that day in a Texas restaurant. If any number of Texans has been armed that day, her parents would probably still be alive. By extension, a gathering of legally armed citizens would have forestalled an attack by a murderous maniac.
    If the Democrats succeed in any part of their anti-gun efforts, who benefits? Certainly not gun owners, many of whom are conservatives. The currently proposed legislation has a snowball’s chance . . . Then, why the frenetic push, for example, DiFi’s Enhanced AWB? To energize the Democrat base for 2014? To placate its partisan but influential, small, elite (think Soros) group that wants to realize a Utopian dream of a gun-free society? Deliver a cherished plank goal to the UN crowd (ATT and Agenda 21)? The Regime is woefully out of step with the nation. The MSM can…

  7. JBS
    JBS says:

    . . . present all of the biased polls it wants; the reality is that CongressCritters facing election in 2014 KNOW that restrictive gun legislation is a non-starter and a re-election loser. The grandstanding politicians like Schumer (D-NY), Blumenthal (D-CT) and Murphy (D-CT) — Blue-staters, notice the “D”?— are carrying water for the Regime. A crony and two newbies, really! Those posers and, a broken-down, daft, drunk-on-power (that alone?), lecherous, inept, jester, gaffe-prone, corrupt (see DE), also-ran, pretender to the throne Vice president have citizen safety in mind? I don’t think so! Democrats have only themselves, and their continuance in power, in mind.

  8. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    RJ most of the guns used in crime have been stolen.—-I say leave the United States Constitution alone. Period. Maybe sombody should start with the first amendment. Make things up so the mainstream press in any form could not have a socialist agenda. Control all they do and how they do. Bet they would report that as unfair and against the 1st amendment.? John Mcnaughton had it perfect with the painting of Obama standing on The US Constitution.? He missed the congressman and senators doing the same.

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      The Constitution is just fine the way it is. You lost me with the “sombody [sic] should start with the first amendment. Make things up . . .”?
      The media, in general, is composed of people who lean left in their political ideology.? It can be blatant but, liberals won’t acknowledge their bias. They possess a pathological denial of that reality and harbor a visceral hatred of anyone not aligned with their political views. Let a tragedy occur involving a firearm and out come the (despicable) agenda driven gun-banners with their hackneyed schemes.
      How does one change the media? Without changing the Constitution, of course.

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