Obama’s so-called stimulus – bad for the economy

And it’s really only good for government. Volume III of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation’s Economic Learning Series has a new seven minute video that you must watch.

Although it is currently featured on the home page, I’ve got it here too. It’s only seven or eight minutes out of your day, watch the video please.

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity (CF&P) is a non-profit organization created to lobby lawmakers in favor of market liberalization. The top project of CF&P is the Coalition for Tax Competition, which is fighting to preserve jurisdictional tax competition, sovereignty, and financial privacy.

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt educational organization affiliated with the CF&P. The immediate priority of the Foundation is to publish studies and conduct seminars analyzing the benefits of jurisdictional tax competition, financial privacy and fiscal sovereignty. In addition, the Foundation will produce analysis and reports on economic issues, brief lawmakers and the media on the benefits of limited government, and educate voters on the need for competitive markets. Donations to the Foundations are tax deductible.


Here is the previous video on Keynesian economics. It too is under eight minutes.