Obama’s campaign mini-documentary gets the “Pop up Video” treatment

I first found it a bit disorganized, but after a minute or so I was able to concentrate on both what the narrator and President Obama were saying, and quickly reading the facts – with sources listed – as they popped up.

Hat tip to AP at Hot Air, who points us to another video production from Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan. As I noted, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to follow since it moves so quickly, but I think it’s worth watching at least once, and twice would be better.

My suggestion after watching it would have been to occasionally stop the narration from the original Obama epic in the background to make it a bit easier to digest the info. That would have made the video longer, but more valuable in my opinion.

Curiously, AP at Hot Air has a different opinion and calls it “an engaging, easily digestible way to counter Team Hopenchange’s myth-making about his first term with facts that the average voter might not otherwise spend time on”.

You decide!


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I agree: don’t talk over the pop ups.? Wait until people can read/digest them.? It is confusing and less effective to overlay the narrator with the popups.? Good otherwise.

  2. JBS
    JBS says:

    Counter and challenge the li9es as they occur. I don’t personally like the pop-up style, but the lies of the Regime, if repeated enough without censure, will become their “fact”.

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