Obamacare might only be at 3% of registration goal

They have to get a lot of young, healthy people who do not have insurance from their employer to sign up and actually pay the premiums for it “to work” … so they say.

Reuters did a bit of digging through public statements from states who are running their own exchanges, plus they looked at data from a research firm. These numbers do not include the states that did not build their own exchanges. We expect October numbers from the feds sometime this week. My emphasis.

President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform has reached only about 3 percent of its enrollment target for 2014 in 12 U.S. states where new online health insurance marketplaces are mostly working smoothly, a report released on Monday said.

States with functioning exchanges have signed up 49,100 people compared with the 1.4 million people expected to be enrolled for 2014, according to the report by healthcare research and consultancy firm Avalere Health.

That’s the total number of people. So if they are all families of 2.2 people (let’s say) that means less than 24,000 family units.

Some people may make a big deal out of this, but Avalere makes the valid point that people usually don’t sign up until they have to. Of course, this was a big deal for the Obama administration and they expected a big win and got completely trashed in every way.

Some of the 49,100 people ended up registering for Medicaid, but Avalere did try to remove those numbers if they were able to break them out. The numbers did not include figures for California or Massachusetts.

Note the 1.4 million enrollment forecast by Avalere. The Obama administration was originally quite adamant they needed 7 million people to enroll in 2014 for the system to work. The White House started to back off on that statement at the beginning of this month.

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  1. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    The young got a thrill up their legs with all of the flowery speeches and rhetoric, but they don’t have a pressing need for Oh-bummerCare and they probably rather go spooning than sit through error messages and red tape just to pay more for something they don’t need. ?But there’s nothing we can’t fix this with more executive orders and some armed IRS agents! ?Next they’ll have applause signs in the rose garden while Barry spikes the football before a literally captive audience:)

  2. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    3%!!! Wow.
    Barry will probably be on TV taking credit for how well this mess is working.
    Why does Barry always seem to be on TV giving long-winded speeches?

  3. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    Of course they didn’t sign up yet they know the site is broken, since it wanted them to pay for the FREE Obamacare.

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