Obamacare: do as I say, not as I do

Remember last September when the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), at the urging of Senator Baucus (D. Mont.), issued “cease and desist” orders against Medicare Advantage insurers from doing the unthinkable…actually communicating with their insureds about the provisions of Obamacare?  According to the administration, these communications were “false and misleading”.

Why?  Because they actually pointed out the drastic cuts Obamacare would bring to those enrolled in Medicare Advantage programs, and that was something the administration didn’t want us to “see” until the bill was passed.

Between then and now, Richard Foster, the chief actuary for Medicare and Medicaid,

estimated that the $206 billion hole in [Medicare] Advantage will reduce benefits, cause insurers to withdraw from the program and reduce overall enrollment by half.

And, the Congressional Budget Office agrees with Mr. Foster.

This past week, however, the CMS sent a nifty 4 page flyer to seniors extolling the virtues of Obamacare.  The flyer includes heartwarming statements like,

The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama this year will provide you and your family greater savings and increased quality health care…[and] if you are in a Medicare Advantage plan, you will still receive guaranteed Medicare benefits.

I’m wondering, where is Senator Baucus when the seniors really do need protection from false and misleading statements?

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  1. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    We received one of these lovely phamplets in the mail. My husband is enrolled in Medicare. He gave it to me and asked what I thought of it. I read the very beginning and put it down and said, "I can't read this crap, why did you even give it to me, are you trying to ruin my day?"

    I am a passionately against Obamacare. I could not read the pack of lies and crap that is on those pages. I don't even want to know what it says. I already know that nothing about this bill is good or can even be trusted if it sounds good.

    As a nurse I know that good healthcare is doomed with Obamacare. I am sick about it.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Let's call it what it is: ØbamaNOcare.  As SOS has so eloquently and repeatedly demonstrated to us, this pig of a bill clearly spells out the approaching nightmare, but the administration, and the good little trolls at CMS, following orders like guards in a Nazi prison camp, continue to sing the virtues of this farce, in hopes of propping up Democrats this fall to prevent the plan from being gutted.


    We know that our "representatives" and the president himself could not be bothered to read the bill (speaking volumes about who actually wrote it), yet pressured the Congress to vote on it in a manner akin to a used car salesman trying to get a confused and uninformed customer to buy a car TODAY.  The brobdingnagian size of this piece of …., er, I mean, work of "art", was designed to both hide the gross flaws and inhibit anyone from even attempting to read it (kudos to the dedicated SOS!), which was no doubt part of the design.


    Too bad for the Dems that no Republicans were stupid enough to sign onto this albatross (although I did worry a bit!).  Now they own it, and many are probably secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that Republican wins in November will alleviate them of the burden of being responsible for destroying the finest system of care in the world.


    Anyone without an "American Idol" soaked brain and a shred of common sense could read selected sections and believe that anything the president or the Dems was true, and if they did read it, should be thoroughly convinced of the fact that they are liars of the first order.

  3. porschepete
    porschepete says:

    What ever happened to "work hard and you will be rewarded". Now it's

    "sit on your butt andyou'll be taken care of". Soon working people will

    surprised how rich they are we are rapidly runing out of rich people. 

  4. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    HAHAHAHA!  A four page flyer….I wonder if anyone bothered to read it (besides you, that is, SOS)…

    hee hee hee…still chuckling…

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