Obama takes over Congress’ job – writes his own health care bill

It’s not supposed to work this way, but our federal leaders continue to make up new policy, procedures and unconstitutional legislation at every turn. President Obama will introduce his own health care legislation and post it on the White House Web site tomorrow or Monday.

If Congress won’t do his bidding, he’ll just do it himself. Since the Democrats do not have the legislative power to do anything they want, they will pull out the reconciliation card, which may only require a simply majority in the Senate.

Do you think this will increase the anger focused at Democrats in Washington? Of course it will, but at this point they don’t care if they loose majorities in both the Senate and the House. That’s right, I don’t think they care. Keep reading to find out what I think the end-game is.

This week, Obama created a bipartisan commission to figure out a way to decrease the deficit to 3 percent of GDP in five years. He also invited Republican leaders to meet with him and leading Democrats at a health care summit.

Political theater. Political theater. Political theater. Political theater. Got that?

Health care summit
Analysis? Within days, we’ve got the president bypassing Congress completely on health care, ignoring his call for a summit. Democrats and Obama continue to work on health care legislation behind closed doors and are openly stating they will go forward with reconciliation in the Senate.

From Reuters on Yahoo! News. How can President Obama do this and tout a health care summit with a straight face?

The administration’s bill will aim to jump-start the stalled healthcare overhaul and comes just days ahead of a planned televised White House summit with congressional Republicans, who are calling on Democrats to scrap the bills and start over with a far less sweeping proposal. …

The legislation the White House will post on its website is expected to reflect common ground negotiated over the past several weeks by House and Senate Democratic leaders.

Those agreements are likely to be combined as a privileged budget reconciliation bill, which only needs a simple 51-vote majority to pass the 100-member Senate instead of the 60-vote supermajority that has become routine in the Senate and gives Republicans power to block the healthcare bill.

A bipartisan look at the deficit
Next – a bipartisan commission to keep the deficit at 3 percent of GDP. First, as I pointed out this week, I thought we paid the Congress-critters to write legislation, pass legislation and spend money in a responsible way, but they can’t seem to do that.

This week Evan Bayh admitted the $787 billion stimulus bill did not create one job. We know the government does not create jobs, they simple legally steal money from taxpayers and give it to federal bureaucrats. Certainly, there are plenty of positions that are needed and reasonable at the federal level – including funding our military – but we all know the federal government has grown well beyond its mandate.

Do five minutes of research and you tell me, where has the current hot-bed of job growth been located in the last two years?

On top of that, Democrats in Congress tried to force another spending package – described as a jobs bill – that would spend another $85 billion to $170 billion we don’t have.

Here’s an analogy. I’ve probably got good enough credit to go to a bank and get a $75,000 loan. I could use that money to hire an editor for Radio Vice Online (I need one) and pay a salary with benefits to that editor. Should I do that? Heck, I could claim that I actually created one job, but at some point in the future I’d have to pay off that $75,000 loan.

As far as I see it, that is what the federal government has done by passing the stimulus package and creating “job” bills. They are taking out a loan on future generations of Americans to create federally funded “jobs”. If they can steal enough money from our children and children’s children, they may just be able to get away with it for the next few years.

Eventually, those loans will have to be paid.

So what’s their end-game at this point?

  1. Pass health care at any cost. If they loose the House and Senate so be it. Pay off those who lost seats with comfy federal jobs or high-paying lobbyist gigs.
  2. Their real fight – once Democrats loose Congress – will be to ensure the president can hold a veto-proof majority when and if the new Congress repeals the health care legislation.
  3. Hold the line for the next two years through 2012, by that point we’ll be stuck with declining health care quality and service. Health care will be moving towards single payer. Congress will be moving to increase the debt ceiling from the current $14 trillion to more than $17.5 trillion.

Note: I’m hoping our team will be able to provide analysis of the health care legislation that will be released by the White House in the coming days. Come back for more!

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Why is it when I mentally picture Democrats, I see a rabid dog?


    Obama knows best is the mantra.  Pretty good for a guy who came into this with a resume so thin it could slice cheese like a Ginsu knife.  He has serious delusions of godhood.  He actually believes his own BS, and it is that hubris that will lead to the ruin of this country.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Actually, the teleprompter will write it, and Obama will take credit (all while blaming Bush, naturally).

  3. dido2076
    dido2076 says:

    Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction. Albert Einstein

    well, I think we know who the fool is.

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