Obama – surge was a bad idea

Lots of discussion concerning Obama’s speech in Jordan this morning; many are just finding out that Barack is not as good speaking on the fly as compared to reading a teleprompter. But…

I think it is important to note a just a couple of items of interest from his current rock tour. First, he thinks the surge was a bad idea and second, his policy seems to have morphed into the exact same policy of the current administration.

So he says the surge was a bad idea; yeah sure it sort of worked, but it still was a bad idea and his plan would have worked out better. Prove it bozo. It seems like there are some facts that support the fact that security is improving dramatically in Iraq.

Here’s a graph from GlobalSecurity.org covering Iraq Significant Activities (SIGACTS). I’ve seen these reports before – especially just before the surge – but you don’t see them all that much anymore on main stream media channels. Especially since we’re winning (dammit).

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for this one. An excerpt…

So, now Obama says the Bush surge in troops worked but defeating Al-Qaeda and Iran in Iraq was not worth it? And, if Obama believes that his plan of fleeing Iraq during the worst of the violence would have brought peace in Iraq, he is delustional [sic].

Yup. Delusional. Even if it is spelled wrong.

Now let’s get to his plan for Iraq shall we; all directly from the man’s site itself.

Judgment You Can Trust – He is fully committed to ending the war in Iraq as president. Gee, so is Bush and McCain.

A Responsible, Phased Withdrawal – Yup, conservatives want that too. We want to win and go home as soon as possible. When that is? Not sure.

Encouraging Political Accommodation – Yup, the Bush administration has been doing that too. As a matter of fact, 15 of the 18 benchmarks set by Congress – not the Executive Branch – have been met. Of course, the main stream media won’t tell you about it, but Pajamas Media will.

Surging Diplomacy – Yup, that’s been covered too. One thing to note is that the Bush administration, unlike the Obama campaign, understands that you can not negotiate with evil.

Preventing Humanitarian Crisis – Covered. But does his supporters know that once he leaves Iraq he states that he reserves the right to go back in there if there are problems? He speaks of genocide, but certainly did not seem all to concerned about the Iraqi people back at the start of the war. He would have never gone in don’t-cha-know.

The Status-of-Forces-Agreement – In other words no permanent bases in Iraq. Why not senator? If the Iraqis want us there and it will help stabilize the region, why not have bases in Iraq just like we have in other countries like Germany?

All in all, I think the Obama plan looks much like the current administration’s plan.

Prove me wrong. What is all of this change crap I keep hearing about?

Now, take a couple of minutes to watch Obama stumble through these questions – just asked today. He makes no friggin’ sense at all and I find his references to “his job” and “being commander and chief” quite arrogant since he has not even been nominated by the Democrats let alone won the election and sworn in.

Ace has more. HotAir too.

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  1. Austin personal trai
    Austin personal trai says:

    OBH 11-22-06  “Given the deteriorating situation it is clear at this point that we cannot through putting in more troops or maintaining the presence that we have expect that somehow the situation will improve.”
    OBH Today – “There might have been improvement without our military”. 
    He has put all his chips on the surge failing, and it has been a spectacular success.  Ask Katie C., today finally she reported the overwhelmingly positive numbers.

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