Obama seems to have hired Carney as White House liar

Just two days into the gig, and Jay Carney – the new White House spokesman – gives us two shining examples of twisting the truth in a grand attempt to rewrite history … or just forget it all together I guess.

To paraphrase, the Stimulus Act – a.k.a. porkulus – had certain goals in mind, business objectives if you will. All of those ideas were virtuous, and those goals “have been met.”

Huh? Yesterday, we were no longer adding to the national debt, and today all of the goals of the stimulus spending have been met?

The argument here is that the economy and the situation would have been much worse if they did not spend the $1 trillion or so dollars. The problem is, nobody – evah – can prove that it would have been worse. Many think the federal spending actually prolonged the problem and it continues on today specifically because we’re spending and spending and spending.

Click to watch the video over at Real Clear Politics.

Exit question: If the goals “have been met” can we cancel the rest of the funding that has not been spent?

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Ha…Carney did a "blame Bush" at the end of that video.  Upon reflection, I don't think he quite answered that reporter's question…but then again he rambled on and on from one talking point to another.  Hard to tell, and even harder to care what comes out of this white house anymore.

  2. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    Look up the definition of "carney" on dictionary.com.  I especially like the British slang term.  Making this up would be too easy.

  3. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    This guy umms and ahhs so much he's hard to listen to. He uses half the actual words per minute that Baghdad Bobby did. The administration couldn't find a faster liar? Really?

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