Obama playbook – blame Fox News

Call them talking points if you’d like, but the Obama camp seems to have a standing order to blame Fox News for promoting fake controversy. Bill Burton – Obama’s national press secretary – joined Megyn Kelly again this afternoon on Fox News with the intention of discussion Obama’s statements during the 2001 radio interview everyone is talking about.

Bill Whittle over at NRO has good analysis of the Obama answers (thanks to Malkin for the link). Whittle states that this discovery will hurt Obama more than Joe the plumber, but I don’t see it since the analysis required more thought than “redistribution of wealth is bad.”

Check out the video from Jim, two posts down…


Commenter emailneuvo over at Hot Air has this…

Holy cow, I never realized how “Nothing to see here! Move along! NOW!” Obama’s camp plays it. I mean, I knew it, but, whoa.

Dude, you needed more evidence?

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