Obama on Health Care: Hey, you can’t take me literally

How about metaphorically? Promise expired!

Over the weekend I posted on how the White House advised that the President should not be taken literally when he said, “If you like your private insurance you can keep it.”. Well we never did.

As I have posted repeatedly and mentioned frequently, he won’t have to force people to take his plan because the public plan will simply drive the private insurers either out of business or a “just for the rich” option (you know like Senators and Congress people). When the government sets the rules by which the game is played, can change the rules on a whim, doesn’t have to worry about making a profit and has an unending supply of taxpayer cash, private insurers will be forced out of the game.

Yesterday the President finally came clean himself on this subject. Hey, don’t take me literally. If you have to take the public plan because I drove the private companies out of business … I didn’t exactly force you. Nuance!