Obama Channels George W Bush

Oh the left will not like this speech. It’s Obama at this morning’s town hall meeting in Strasbourg, France (I know, sounds silly, but true). Standing before the youth of France and Germany, Obama tried to make the case for the “surge” in Afghanistan. Hey, come on, it’s a surge. You can imagine if George Bush tried to make this case. Wait, he did. Listen to it closely. I honestly thought George Bush wrote the speech (right down to the “The hardest thing a President has to do is write a letter to a grieving parent.”)

He’s right of course, on everything. Which, for all the Bush bashing he does on a regular basis, at least he could say, “Bush was right.”


By the way, the pandering he did to the European kids was a waste of time. NATO apparently is not going to help. The help he lauds the French for turns out to be window dressing. From Hot Air

Europe’s main new contribution for now, French officials said, will be a 300-member corps of paramilitary gendarmes to mentor Afghan policemen in the provinces. France, Italy, Spain and Portugal have expressed interest in participating, the officials said, but the project is still under discussion and, in any case, the force would be deployed only in areas considered pacified enough for NATO soldiers to turn the area over to Afghan authorities.

Going it alone. Sounds like Bush too. Or is that Bush 3.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Isn't it simply amazing just how many of President Bush's "failed" policies Obama seems to want to perpetuate?

    I would laugh if he weren't destroying the economy for generations to come.

  2. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    He stuttered on the Bush line about writing letters-you KNOW he does not believe it. As if he cares about a soldiers life. Nothing funny here.

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Does anyone else wonder why the only applause was for the slam line about "we have to rebuild America"? 

    Are they saying, "Yes you need to change."?  Or re they saying, "Yes, just go home!" ?   Hmmmm.

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