Obama Bucks

Because you just can’t make this stuff up.


I mean why not … the question is since Obama smokes … are they good at the Marlboro store?

To see the whole bill and read some great comments … go to … where else … Instapundit.

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  1. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Cool, Obama is on the?? $2008 dollar bill. But we should put him on the 10,000,000 bill what it come out soon.

  2. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    We were warned during the Presidential election by Obama himself that people would say he doesn’t look like those other guys on the U.S. Currency.
    Obama forgot one more detail during the campaing, that he would “Not Act Like Those Other Presidents” depicted on our currency.? His first Presidential Executive orders were to close club Gitmo and use U.S. funds in foreign lands for abortion.? These actions are more in line with prosecuted and convicted criminal behavior.

    Now full bore Socialism is his mantra.? No thank you.? Keep the Change.

  3. davis
    davis says:

    What did the Bush dollar look like? I don’t remember and we believed in the power of his tax cuts and carrying out two wars at the same time on our credit card.

    • Wayne SW
      Wayne SW says:

      The George Bush tax cuts were passed into law the Spring of 2001.?

      The events of 911, ocurred in September.? For those of you that were part of the Detroit Public School System, that means the War on the United States, which the United States responded to, was?AFTER the tax cuts.
      In the absence of 911, things would certainly be different.? The World Trade Center where I use to work would still be standing and the Airline Industry would not have been decimated.? Other events on that day were equally tragic.

      The Bush Dollar was actually $ 32.28 more per week in my salary.? These dollars continue to this day.? Certainly under Obama, these dollars will disapper into a cesspool of? Socialism.? Thank you George.

  4. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    davis – let’s be intellectually honest here.? I’m sure that you are smart enough to realize that the bottom line effect of taxation policy and spending policy are not cause and effect.? Real, substantive tax-cuts (marginal rates, capital gains, corporate) have been proven (Kennedy, Reagan and Bush 43) to raise government revenue by spurring on economic growth.? It’s spending too much when you are flush with cash that creates deficits and debt.? Reagan spent on the cold-war.? Bush 43 spent on the war on terrorism and questionable domestic plans – prescription drugs, TARP.

    As a matter of fact, these instances are more of a testament that politicians cannot control themselves when they have too much cash.? You should be thanking them as they created more revenue to spend.? Obama wants to spend without creating anything.? What will this do -> inflation!? An we will all pay for it a little at a time, everyday, for decades.

    If President Obama were intellectually honest, he would recreate these “good” tax cuts to at least try to pay for the new spending.? Instead, he purposely confuses the two to make it appear as if real tax cuts cause deficits.? This is either ignorance or deceit.? So, which is it?

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