Obama administration supports radical bully to highlight anti-bully agenda

How the heck does President Obama, Vice President Biden and Jill Biden hold up this character as a model for anti-bullying campaigns around the country? Meet Dan Savage.

I could not care a whit about this guy’s lifestyle, but his radical opinion is that if you do not embrace his lifestyle, your a bully and “pansy-assed.” He has a history of not just criticizing religion, but doing so in a high school public forum where he verbally attacked those who were walking out of his “anti-bullying” lecture.

His speeches are filled with what can be clearly used as a definition of bullying for a dictionary, yet the Obama administration welcomes him into the White House and partners with him? What the hell is wrong with these fools? Why is it totally cool to attack Christians?

I know, it’s because radicals like Obama and Biden want the federal government to be your religion.

Big Government earlier today was all over Dan Savage’s history.

Again, I could not give a crap about this guy’s lifestyle, but can I find a liberal/Democrat out there that will step up and agree he’s the wrong guy to be out there promoting the broad anti-bully agenda?

Screw that … I demand that President Obama come to a microphone and publicly throw this guy under the bus. I’m serious.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    This reminds of the famous saying, in regards to the bullying tatics of the President Barack Hussein Obama White House in order to curb bullying, “the blind leading the blind”.?

  2. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    This neo-Nazi monster is not really interested in anti-bullying. He’s interested in homosexual power and recruitment. He perpetuates the big lie that homosexuals are being bullied by Christians, but I daresay most kids just naturally find homosexual behavior odd without any religious teaching coming into play. He’s an unhinged anti-Christian bigot who should be shunned and ridiculed and … bullied into obscurity.

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