NPR brings in Time Magazine editor to lecture on the US Constitution

If you’re interested in learning about the US Constitution, you should start reading the stuff posted by Aaron Worthing over at Patterico’s Pontifications. Worthing has been cross-posting over at Big Journalism, and during the past week or two has been picking apart Time’s managing editor Richard Stengel’s “does the Constitution still matter” cover story.

Few words from me, since Worthing does the perfect job at Patterico’s the day before yesterday and follows up at Big Journalism today.


To give a quick review, on June 23, Richard Stengel wrote a cover story* for Time magazine rife with factual errors.  Eight days ago, I published a piece here outlining thirteen of those errors in that story.  The next day, I published a substantially similar piece at Big Journalism, and by then the list of errors had grown to fourteen.  I said at the time that I considered it a journalistic scandal that such an error-ridden piece appeared at Time magazine as its cover story and ever since I have been crusading to more or less embarrass them into a correction.

Surely they know by now what an embarrassment that article was; some of them probably knew before the article even went to print. This is reaching the point where I think it is safe to say that their reaction—or lack thereof—is becoming as much of a problem as the initial mistake.  It’s one thing to make the mistake in the first place but to leave it uncorrected as word gets around that Time published such inaccurate garbage only deepens the embarrassment.  Time has already harmed its reputation by publishing the piece in the first place; now the only question is whether they can salvage their reputation by admitting finally they made an error.

Go check out both posts, with the most recent digging into Stengel’s appearance on NPR’s Talk of the Nation program July 4.

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  1. johnboy111
    johnboy111 says:

    was it not TIME who once said something about “GLOBAL COOLING?” sounds like a knowledgeable institution….

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    You gotta’ know that any time NPR and Time Magazine team up to teach us all about the Constitution, ?there’s something really, really wrong out there in liberal land! ?The last thing these folks care about is our Constitution! ?My guess is that we’re doing some revision of history… they’ve probably been channeling the Founders, trying to get a “clearer” idea about what these guys “really meant” when they wrote all of those “negative rights” that our Dear Leader regularly complains about.

  3. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    I was just listening to NPR (Colin formerly from 1080)…? He had an author who’d written a book on the culture of shoplifting.? His guest said, with a chuckle, that the most stolen book is the Bible.? I googled the subject and found an NPR print article which stated that the most stolen books were on witchcraft, astrology, gay issues…??? in the former, it was inferred that Christians steal bibles because they’re morally challenged hypocrites while in the latter it was deduced that Christians steal books as a form of censorship.?? Surely, there might be some liberals stealing books too?? For all of the sniping on the left about “Fair & Balanced”, these are the “All Things Considered” know-it-alls!

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