Not Racists … Just Rednecks – Update:Mad Jack Losing

Update 2: Here’s a link to the video

Update: Thank God. I was beginning to doubt the sanity of my friends in Pennsylvania. From Powerline:

The latest polling shows Republican challenger Bill Russell leading Mad Jack Murtha by three points in Pennsylvania’s 12th District

From Gateway … John Murtha has retracted his Pennsylvanians are racists remarks … they’re just rednecks … no really … he did. Gateway’ sums it all up better than I could.

Boy, Pennsylvanians can’t win with the Democrats this year!
First Obama calls them
“gun-toting, bible-thumpers” out in Hollywood. Then John Murtha calls them racists. Now, Rep. John Murtha calls voters in his Pennsylvania district “rednecks.”

I ask again … hoe does he win elections. I went to school in central PA. I know they are smart.

BTW here’s the original Murtha quote.

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  1. Dave in EH
    Dave in EH says:

    Sounds like Murtha has come down with Bidenitis… "gaffe" is politician-ese for "those things I think, but dare not say."

    Murtha seems to have, how shall we say, "lost his bearings."

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