North Korea invalidates 1953 truce with South Korea

I came across this story tonight. For all I know this is all over the main stream media. But this is a very important story. You can read the entire story here.

North Korea said Wednesday it was abandoning the truce that ended the Korean war and warned it could launch a military attack on the South, two days after testing an atomic bomb for the second time.

…. was restarting work to produce more weapons-grade plutonium.

Defying global condemnation, the regime of Kim Jong-Il said it could no longer guarantee the safety of US and South Korean ships off its west coast and that the Korean peninsula was veering back towards war.

Now North Korea specifically states that they are threatening South Korea and United States ships off its coast and what does our government have to say about it?

The White House said it viewed Pyongyang’s threats as “saber-rattling and bluster” that would only deepen its isolation, with spokesman Robert Gibbs saying that “threats won’t get North Korea the attention it craves.”

Are these guys serious? This is an actual overt threat. They are testing NUKES! They are threatening South Korea AND THE UNITED STATES!  Hello is anyone home? Someone in this government needs to explain to the citizens of the United States why we are directly threatened by a nation that has already developed nuclear technology and the only thing that they do to protect our interests is make a statement that “threats will not get you anywhere.” That statement my Gibbs is a provocation!! He is effectively saying don’t threaten us, take action.  You have got to be kidding me.

A few years ago North Korea was testing weapons, and Bush decides to do nothing about an actual threat.  Isn’t our military stretched pretty thin? Do we even have the capacity to deal with North Korea? Now we have Obama and it appears that he is choosing to follow the same path. Tell me what has changed since Obama showed up on the scene? Why does our  government insist on doing NOTHING?

Kim Jong-Il is an insane aggressive dictator. Barack Obama is an insane passive dictator. Not too hard to figure out who wins that fight. Hopefully I am wrong and this true enemy that has nuclear weapons and is threatening the United States, is indeed just sabre rattling.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Funny how the Norks were not that interested in this level of “saber-rattling and bluster” when Bush was president.

    Mayhaps they sense that there is a gutless wonder in the Oval Office?

  2. LOIS
    LOIS says:

    We can only pray our country stays safe while the Obama bumblehead is in office!  He does not appear to be taking the office of  President very seriously….makes one wonder if  those rumors of  his origin were correct….for some reason I don't get a sense of sincerity when he speaks.  I think he belongs in Hollywood rather than Washington,  in the world of make-believe!     

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