No worries Tea Party folks: Democrats just won’t learn … their funeral

I am stunned at how quickly the lessons of last night have been forgotten, or is it never learned? Just keep plowing ahead on the ultra liberal, big government, tax and spend agenda, and ignore the message from Democrats and independents in the Commonwealth.

Two examples. The first from the White House, taking over the student loan business:

Under the system proposed by Obama, the government would cut private lenders out of the picture entirely, setting the interest rates and collecting payments directly for all student lending.

Whether or not the government saw a profit or a loss from the new, federal loans would depend on the rate at which the government borrows money. For instance, the law currently sets the interest rate for direct loans at a maximum of 6.8 percent.

This is wrong on a number of fronts not the least of which is when the government controls the purse strings, we have seen how they can control everything. Far fetched? Ask the banks.

Secondly, by subsidizing college, the cost of a a degree goes up, as it has for years. If colleges know they can charge what they want and still be guaranteed payment by the government, it will continue to push the cost of a college degree out of reach of most Americans, that is unless there are subsidized loans. Get the picture?

Now to example number two: New York State. Oh brother.

But in addition to the severe belt tightening, the governor said he would need to raise $1 billion in new taxes and fees — some politically controversial.

* A $1 increase in the cigarette tax, raising the state tax to $3.75.

* A new soda tax that will cost consumers 1-cent per ounce — a 16-ounce bottle will cost 16 cents more, a 64-ounce bottle 64 cents more.

* The governor also plans to legalize and sanction cage fighting.

* And allow wine to be sold in grocery stores.

* And introduce 50 speed cameras on highways to catch unsuspecting motorists with fines of up to $100.

To Patterson’s credit, he also proposed $800 million in spending cuts, but that’s hardly fiscal conservatism, that’s more a case of survival. Consider the total budget is $134 billion dollars and the cuts amount to 5%. When you are staring at bankruptcy, that’s the equivalent to cutting cable and Internet in a household budget. Brain dead.

Finally, here’s the juiciest one of all:

“We’ll have to think through this next year from the standpoint of tactics but in substance the mission can’t change,” Obama senior adviser David Axelrod told reporters.

No worries my Tea Party Patriots. They won’t learn it’s our country. They’ll all see come November, those are the people’s seats.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, safe to say, the Democrats in Washington are going to have to learn THE HARD WAY come this November what they REFUSE to learn last night from MA and win of Senator-Elect Scott Brown that those US House and Senate seats they sit in also BELONG TO THE PEOPLE of the OTHER 49 STATES, INCLUDING  CT.

  2. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    I truly believe the democrats are not capable of thinking any other way. They get something in their brain and there is no changing it. They won't even give it a try.  It's as though the important thing is focusing on not budging an inch rather than the issues themselves. 

    It's actually scary. How can so many people be so dead wrong and not even realize it?

    You might think one of them would see the light and wake up and try to convince the others that maybe they should consider another way. 

    All people have to be capable of give and take in order to accomplish anything. Otherwise it becomes, well … what it is…. They dictate what we will do , what we will like, what is good for us and how we will live.  

    • Anne-EH
      Anne-EH says:

      There is a saying,which goes like this "insanity is trying to do something over and over again, until you believe it will be done right". Either the Democrats are living in denial or believe in the above saying. Tuesday's election of Scott Brown should be seen as a wake up call that they either  listen to we the people or they will have the seats that they are sitting be taken back by the real owners of them, the people of each of the 49 other states.

      BTW, I like your cat gravatar. :)=^..^=

  3. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Most Americans seem to be "middle of the road," veering to either Democrat or Republican parties because of work, environment, or family experience, more than radical belief.  Unfortunately, senators and congressmen are so involved with the "party politics" in Washington and/or during election cycles, that this fact is lost sight of in the melee of partisanship and promoting agendas.

    The current people in power have introduced extreme social and economic policies that are very costly to the nation, when it can least afford to pay for them.  They are also too radical to appeal to the majority of moderate Americans.  In my opinion, this is what has caused such a dramatic voting "about-face."   The alarm (no, not "anger" as is the present Democratic, media memo is pushing) must be deeply-felt because I doubt any of us voters are particularly wild about most Republican politicians either.

  4. JAVSnyc
    JAVSnyc says:


    Soda companies are good corporate citizens. They employ people in various communities and give to those communities in times of need. One of the first companies to respond to the tragedy in Haiti was Coca-Cola with a donation of $1 million dollars to the Red Cross. On the ground, Coca-Cola is getting four thousands cases of water through to Haiti each day. Keep going Coke — Please keep helping!

    Governor Paterson should back off the soda. It is not the source of the obesity problem. Inferior physical and nutritional education, which of course leads to poor exercise habits and ill-advised diets, are the cause of inflated waistlines. Having a salad with a Coke is far better then a bottle of water to wash down a face full of dirty water dogs. Add walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator and you’re golden.


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