No Job For You

When “Chat Room Jim” first brought this to my attention this morning I could not believe my ears. I have said repeatedly politicians care little about those who don’t fit one of their special interest groups. I can assure you they don’t. Thanks to HotAir

Wasn’t this supposed the era of post-racialism? Robert Reich apparently didn’t get that message. In his appearance before Congress on structuring the stimulus plan on January 7th, Reich suggested that the package discriminate against white male workers:


Just one little warning here. Don’t let this harden you heart. There is nothing the inside the beltway crowd would love to see more than the “angry, white, gun toten, bible thumpin, beer swilling, redneck” stereotype raise its ugly head. They are dividers and love playing both class and race against each other. Don’t let it happen. If this happens, your brothers did not deprive you of a job. The DC elite, who know more than all of us did.

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  1. Erik from WH
    Erik from WH says:

    Are you effing kidding me? So they (federal gov't) to tell the states exactly how to spend every penny that they are getting.  This is NOT how the founding fathers envisioned this. The states are supposed to be autonomous and the federal government is supposed to regulate interstate commerce protect the nation from invasion.  The vision is OVER. I am not sure that we will EVER see the US thrive again. We are doomed to the fate of France.


  2. Suzie
    Suzie says:

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke!  These people can not be for real!  I suppose if we can elect a president based on race regardless of his lack of experience… why not use the same criteria to select those who will build our roads and bridges! 

  3. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Robert Reich, you short little a$$hole.  I am a White Professional Highly skilled contractor.  I challange you to go toe to toe with me and debate the racist comments you made about excluding me for work because of my Race.  I'll even stack up a dozen or so telephone books for you.  How dare you think that it is OK to exclude me from tax payer funded projects because my mother and father were both White.  Care to explain?

    You are one pathetic little minion.

  4. Bill
    Bill says:

    Is this the post racial society we've heard will save America, or is it just another draconian socialist scheme to expand government power while encouraging class strife?

  5. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Let's call this what it really is:  Reparations.  That's right.  Confiscate money from the tax payers and direct this money specifically to non-whites.  Henceforth; Reparations.

    What we have now is a Black President putting forth plans to enrich those of his own race with tax dollars.  The next step will be to inact a Race Tax.  White males to pay a race penalty to be allocated to non-white causes.  With this new announced plan, the more financially succesfull whites will get to have more of their earnings taxed.  Hope and Change, aka:  Reparations

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