Newt Gingrich: Don’t tell me you’re tired

Indeed. After a week of phone calls who say the Democrats are diabolical geniuses and we have no shot, this should come as a shot in the arm. From Hot Air, this is a speech Newt Gingrich delivered in November. I am not sure how it had remained hidden so long. But here it is. The money lines come at 4:00 and again at 8:30. But the whole speech is just great.

and here’s a companion article from Dr Helen who asks, “Learned helplessness or learned optimism?” You tell me. Are you ready to quit and just turn your lives over to the government because it’s easier?

Like the more resilient dogs, those of us who love freedom, believe in making our own health care choices and know to our very core that the government does not own us must never become helpless but must continue to find ways out of an unpleasant situation, and look forward with optimism, knowing that no condition is permanent.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    It is no coincidence that America's financial bankruptcy has a parallel universe of moral bankruptcy. One sin feeds the other. I have faith in the goodness of my fellow americans , but our government is at war with God. Voting to take away healthcare from the widow, the  genetically handicapped. Voting to finance  abortions on the Eve of the Lord's conception  is the Apotheosis of Satan that has been building  for 2000 years. This  deliberate   assault by the US government on the ALMIGHTY  mocks and defiles his Son on this Holy day.  The Wrath of God is certain . May all who believe pray for the merciful protection of their fellow brother  as Moses in Numbers 14:11. Weep not for the chaff diving head first into the  lake of fire.

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