Justina Pelletier may be heading home soon – Video

By Steve McGough | June 10, 2014 |

I’m posting this today because I know Jim has discussed this topic on the big radio show in the past. I’m not too familiar with the case, but The Hartford Courant has an update story this morning, and I found a video of Justina supposedly shot last weekend, where she begs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts…

Is federal funding for highways being “chipped away?”

By Steve McGough | June 9, 2014 |

So says the first line of The Hartford Courant’s story this morning. Connecticut is talking about adding high-tech tolls to stretches of I-95 and I-84 in the state, but is the reasoning valid?

Obama to bypass Congress again – new student loan rules

By Steve McGough | June 9, 2014 |

In 2010, Congress pass and President Obama signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. Along with cutting off the private student loan market by removing subsidies, making loans pretty much the exclusive realm of the federal government, the legislation capped the repayments of new loans to 10 percent of the persons discretionary income. The previous cap…

“Running missions every single day” to find Bergdahl

By Steve McGough | June 8, 2014 |

We’ve got six soldiers who were in Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s unit. They were there the night he disappeared. They were there the morning the team found out he was missing. There were part of missions to go out and find him. And they are being discredited?

Zero Tolerance Watch: No medication in school, and since sunscreen is a medication…

By Steve McGough | June 7, 2014 |

And you thought the zero common sense trend just applied to toy guns, pizza slices in the shape of a gun, pointing your finger in the shape of a gun, seeing a cloud shaped as a gun and – of course – school prayer. Au contraire mon frere.

Personal data stolen from Access Health CT?

By Steve McGough | June 7, 2014 | Comments Off on Personal data stolen from Access Health CT?

The facts are not in yet, but it looks like an employee or contractor at Access Health CT – the Obamacare exchange for Connecticut – may have stolen the names, dates of birth and social security numbers of 400 people who are either enrolled or applying to the program.

Zero Tolerance Watch: 7-year-old may be expelled for toy gun

By Steve McGough | June 6, 2014 |

We have another zero tolerance issue in Western Pennsylvania. Let me make this clear. This type of school administration stupidity is part of the intentional destruction of the United States of America and a complete war on common sense.

The value of a mortgage investment vs renting

By Steve McGough | May 16, 2014 |

Recently, we’ve seen multiple news stories suggesting buying a home and having a mortgage is not necessarily a good investment, and when making the decision to buy a home, you really should not consider it as an investment vehicle since your “rate of return” would suck. Why has this become a news-cycle theme all of a…

Biden visits Ukraine, will suggest fracking to increase natural gas production

By Steve McGough | April 22, 2014 |

One of the energy issues Ukraine is currently dealing with is the high cost of natural gas imported into the country from Russia. I wrote about the situation earlier this month. During Vice President Biden’s visit, the U.S. delegation plans on providing some advice to the country on how to increase gas production … fracking!

Pressure: Natural gas fuel prices up 80% in Ukraine

By Steve McGough | April 4, 2014 |

Prediction: Ukraine will soon have an “election” on wether to join back with the Russian empire; just like what happened in Crimea. With thousands of Russian troops and tons of military hardware along the eastern border of Ukraine and Russia increasing gas prices 80 percent in the so-called sovereign nation, what do you think the…