New Deal v2.0 programs, taxes and fees cropping up everywhere

I recently wrote about Obama’s New Deal v2.0 that provides the green light for other cities and states to go ahead and start taxing at will. New York is just going nuts, and more is to come.

Last week I linked over to a story about a Rhode Island Blue Ribbon panel that thinks it’s a good idea to have you call in an report your mileage on a regular basis and pay them a half cent for every mile that you drive.

That’s not their only idea, they also want to raise the gas tax and increase car registration fees, all because they are spending money on other stuff and letting the roads and bridges fall apart.

Well, North Carolina caught onto the idea. Malkin links us to more nanny state activity in the Tar Heel state. This action will just nickel and dime small businesses off the radar.

Reader Scott in N.C. e-mails: “My wife and I started a manufacturer’s rep business in July of ‘05 serving the plumbing and heating industry. We derive 100% of our income from commissions. We have, as a startup business, endured $ 4.45 per gallon gas prices this year while traveling an average of 6,000+ miles per month. Our territory stretches over both Carolinas. Our liberal NC legislature now says due to the decrease in consumption of gas their gas tax revenues are off and must be replaced. Here is the irony…they want to punitively tax those of us actually still driving and buying gas and therefore paying the gas tax. Mind you these are the same people who push “global warming” and demand an end to fossil fuels. You can’t make it up. They want to use a tracking device on every car to monitor and verify the miles which is a huge invasion of our privacy. Please help bring attention to this rediculous policy initiative.”

As I said, we’re just getting started. New York just announced plans for layoffs, tax increases and budget cuts – oh my. From the Daily News.

Trying to close a $15.4 billion budget gap, Paterson called for 88 new fees and a host of other taxes, including an “iPod tax” that taxes the sale of downloaded music and other “digitally delivered entertainment services.”

“We’re going to have to take some extreme measures,” Paterson said Tuesday after unveiling the slash-and-burn budget.

Extreme measures my ass. Get out of New York while you can. Sorry, I’m not sure where to go…

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