Never Mind About Illegals Learning English – We Must Speak Spanish

Here’s the thing. I wish that I could speak a second language. I really do. I tried speaking Spanish in high school and college, and one of my roommates in Washington D.C. was from Panama. Nothing helped. I can’t get that part of my brain to work very well.

Those who can speak a second or even third language have some great opportunities in the world. I’d venture to say that just like a college degree, language skills can make you much more marketable – you’ll earn more money.

But when presidential hopeful Barack Obama tells that our kids need to learn Spanish, specifically – and does not suggest any other language – could he be pandering? I’m calling him out.

Obama wants us to totally forget about “immigrants” learning English. He’s let us know that it’s already taken care of – they will learn English. Bravo Sierra senator, most illegal aliens are not hear to assimilate into the United States, they are just hear to work, and in many cases steal identities and commit other crimes too.

As a reminder – by default illegal aliens are criminals.

Borders. Language. Culture. Those are the three ingredients of a country. Liberals want our borders – all borders – just to go away. It certainly does not seem to be a requirement to speak English to be a citizen anymore and our culture is being squashed at every turn.

We’re not even supposed to be proud of our country on the Fourth of July.

Hot Air has more and some good commentary.

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  1. D. Ramos
    D. Ramos says:

    I have to say when I heard Obama's declaration that our kids better learn Spanish, I got chills up my spine, because his implication to me was that he will not be securing any borders but will continue to allow our country to be invaded from the south.

    I do speak Spanish, btw, and lived 16 months in South America. I believe in national sovereignty.

  2. Mary F.
    Mary F. says:

    I'm stunned! Obama wants me to have my kids learn Spanish, and he speaks in front of La Raza and says the name of their group means "the people?" Maybe he should learn Spanish.

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