Must see TV: Andrea Mitchell once again proving that she is thoroughly outclassed by John Sununu

I watched this clip of Mitchell vs. Sununu in a post debate interview on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and was laughing out loud at the way Sununu figuratively (a good word for Biden to add to his 500 word vocabulary) beat her over the head with every one of her Democrat talking point based questions.   It was poetry!

But Andrea was undeterred: she tried everything:

1) trying to knock him off message by questioning his use of the word “lazy” for the preezy (dog whistle anyone?)

2) quotes from liberal analysts (the Tax Policy Center) on Romney’s tax plans, debunked by Heritage etc.

3) comparisons to Reagan (not for good reasons)

4) tries to pull tax deduction specifics from him when Sununu demonstrates that it would be stupid

5) tries to trip him up on when Romney came out with his deduction plans for the rich

6) throws up paying for the “Bush tax cuts” that Romney will continue and Sununu reminds her that Øbama continued and supported these tax cuts in 2010  (for everyone) and this year (with the class warfare cutoffs) and what he said when doing so, i.e. you don’t raise taxes in a recession.  Sununu also aptly points out that we are no better off now than then, which the preezy seems not to notice.

Be sure to watch her face on the split screens when Sununu answers. they are PRICELESS!  There are also hand slaps on the desk to accompany her frustration with her failure.

The only reasons I can think of that would get Mitchell to keep inviting Sununu on her show are:

1) she continues to think she will be able to “get” him eventually;

2) it raises her ratings from near zero;

3) the repeated figurative blows to the head delivered by Sununu have knocked any sense of self preservation out of her head.

Watch it and enjoy, it is seven minutes of glorious frosting on the exquisite debate cake Romney served up on Wednesday.

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  1. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    Is there a reason why she keeps brining Sununu on her show, when he constantly wipes the floor with her?

  2. JBS
    JBS says:

    She asked!
    Andrea ought to give up trying to interview Sununu. She is an intellectual light-weight, to be mild about it. She asked the Governor what he thought about the debate. He told her. She didn’t like it. Tough.
    Each one of these encounters with Mitchell and Sununu turns out to be the same. Annie tries to set the Gov. up and she gets schooled. He is patient and polite with her but, he is firm and very matter of fact, all with good humor and a smile. He could be much worse about it. Carville would have been!
    So, how does a factual debate description of the president as lazy, disengaged and unprepared compare with Team Obama’s description of Romney as a murder and a tax cheat?
    Any comment, Andrea?

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      That should read, “murderer.”
      Apologies for the poor editing . . . it must be the altitude . . . or Bush’s fault . . . or “the pills they gave me” (??!!) . . . or ( ______ ).

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Well Dims, Thank you for bringing us the 3rd round of Angry Mitchell and Grinning Johnny. It certainly made my day. I just don’t think she had one iota of what he was talking about. She is a dumb as a stump!

  4. winnie
    winnie says:

    I didn’t want that clip to end…it was that good. ?Apparently Andrea has chosen Sununu as the hill she wants to die on. ?This isn’t a battle she’ll ever be able to win — she’s perpetuating the lefty talking points in her questions and because they’re lies to begin with Sununu can annihilate her with factual information. ?It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

    And yes, Obama is lazy.?

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