Muslim Public Charter School Exposed

This has certainly been a very quite story. What happens when kids pray together at a public school event? What happens when a valedictorian wants to mention God and her faith during a graduation ceremony? What happens when a teacher wears a cross in the classroom?

We’ve all read about the results; students are barred from praying, valedictorians are forbidden from attending graduation and teachers are fired. It’s all about this mythical wall between church and state, but if you visit Inver Grove Heights in Minnesota, you’ll have the opportunity to send your kids to a Muslim charter school through the 8th grade.

Great insight is brought to us by Katherine Kersten in her article exposing what is going on at the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights. TIZA is not just allowing students or teachers to pray – which should be perfectly fine in all public schools – but the school administration seems to be sponsoring the Islamic faith in every way possible.

Malkin posted additional information on Friday and I never got the opportunity to post on the subject.

Why is it that the separation of church and state gang not out in Minneapolis with picket signs in front of this school? Could it be that they are afraid of the reaction?

Here comes Sharia law.